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Leonardo Leonardo
Over the years Leonardo Soundweaver has created a personal universe of organic electronic music. Being independent has made it possible to expand his musical awareness and skills, untouched by commercial motives. The result is an ever flowing stream of music, meandering as a river through an imaginary landscape.
Having a preference for the anologue sounds of the seventies this feel is always inside the music, although time has catched up and integrated the sounds of today as well.
Sometimes flowing into a gentle meditative state, other times active with sequences pounding away, layered with harmonies and outerspace sound effects.

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silent|being silent|being
Label for intricated, Synesiotechnoikema, and Odyssey projects and more...
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AKH Records AKH Records
AKH Records is a label, founded in 2000 by Ewout Koek and Remy Stroomer, which releases and distributes music with electronic elements. At the moment we deal with the music of REMY, Iuno / Einsteinbarbie, Sutrastore, Fractional, Lebenswelt, and also After Affects, SoapKills, Elektronische Maschine, Francis Rimbert and Space Art. And there is a lot more to come!!!
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Acoustic Wave Acoustic Wave
Home of Rogue Element and various collaborative projects involving Brendan Pollard. High on the agenda is an unswerving belief that if you want to capture that vintage vibe, you must utilise vintage equipment.
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Thinking Metal Music Thinking Metal Music
Thinking Metal was originally formed in 1995 as Thinking Metal Productions and its primary focus was as an outlet for the musical ambitions of writer, instrument designer and composer David J. Hughes.

The company released 2 discs on the original Thinking Metal label, The Infection of Time and Connexion, both by T-Bass UK.

Thinking Metal Productions ceased all activities following the disasterous Alfa Centauri concert in Holland in April 1999 ("The wrong band playing the wrong kind of music to the wrong audience..."). However, the label was successfully resurrected again in 2006 as Thinking Metal Music.
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United Studios Corporation (USC) is a music organization, label and community. Official foundation date of USC is August 1st, 2005 in Moscow, Russian Federation. Its main task is to present works of associated authors to wide public. Our project is open for creative and interesting persons: musicians, designers, reviewers, publishers and event organizers. The main direction will always be publication and distribution of music, mainly electronic. The important point is that all primary label publications are distributed by Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

Official site:
MusicZeit: (this page)
Internet Archive:
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Retrochet Records Retrochet Records
Classic vibes from the past created today for the future.
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Russell Storey Russell Storey
Russell Storey has been creating Electronic music since 1989 and released the first album in 1991.Recently also involved in projects Aural Scenario's and the omega syndicate.Has also made contributions to the awakenings and analogy series compilations.
For more details please see
Thank you for listening
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northern echo recordings northern echo recordings
it's grim up north.

made in stockport.

from girders.
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9th Circle Records 9th Circle Records
The 9th Circle Records is a Label of experimental electronic music toward the dark aspects, darks and psychedelic of human perception. It was founded in the state of Pará, metropolis of the Amazon in January 2009. The work of the 9th Circle Records is to promote artists and beginners known to work showing the darker side of trance and underground. The founders : Hugo Veloso PA - Silent Enemy - ( Bruno Hage RJ - Chaos Oscillator Live - (
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