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Retrochet Records Retrochet Records
Classic vibes from the past created today for the future.
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REWO is the electronic music project by Rene van der Wouden. REWO is a merge of the name and surname of Rene van der Wouden. Albums before 2012 will have the full name on the covers.

In 2013 Rene van der Wouden has chosen to use REWO as his artist name. All albums from 2013 and on will be released under the artist name REWO.

Started releasing albums in 2005 and the first album was "Pro Sequentia". This album was followed by "Alchemia", "Recreation", "Universal Quiet", "Sequential Tourism", "Numerus Fixus", "Panorama", "Fixus Naturalis", "Soledad & Other Dreams", "Zeppelins! There They Go" and...
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Russell Storey Russell Storey
Russell Storey has been creating Electronic music since 1989 and released the first album in 1991.Recently also involved in projects Aural Scenario's and the omega syndicate.Has also made contributions to the awakenings and analogy series compilations.
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