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Percepolis Percepolis
Percepolis is the independent label founded by Azlan Razif in November 2007 for his releases.
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Phoenix Creative Media Ltd Phoenix Creative Media Ltd
Phoenix Creative Media Ltd specialise in the writing, development and production of contemporary music for all areas of Film, Television and New Media. Recent clients include BBC, Disney, Fox and Paramount. We also offer professional Photography services and creative arts development from our studio set in the enchanting Dales National Park.
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Pleiadian Records Pleiadian Records
Pleiadian Records is a psytrance label based out of the San Carlos, Sonora - a beach town located in the hot deserts of Northern Mexico. Pleiadian was founded in mid 2002 and it was the first label of its kind in Mexico. Pleiadian Records is focused completely in promoting twisted and psychedelic sounds to help expand consciousness into different realities...
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Porkweasel Porkweasel
We are Porkweasel, a collective of old friends and artists based in and around the East London/Essex borders. We will promote the works of our artists from the IDM/electronica of the Kallous Boys and ambient/Electronica of VVH thru the neofolkambient & tundrasonics of Moonboy to the Dub-fuelled electropunk exotica that is Zenner. We hope you enjoy the show!
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Profundus Profundus
Profundus is a small record label from Macedonia. Initially started as a record label for the needs of the bands that established it, back in 1997, String Forces and Earl Grey, in meantime it served also to the purpose of other well-known Macedonian bands and artists. These include Nora, B.O.R.G., SAF, Don't! Who? One., Soundgate and others.
Today, Profundus still serves as a main label for String Forces and other side projects of the members of String Forces.
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Prozak Records Prozak Records
Prozak Records

Prozak Records was founded in late 2006, canadian Techno oriented label, Prozak management staff is trying to promote new artists and producers on the scene. Originaly behind a few, now well know djs and producers .. like Peppelino, Olivio Amon, Dastin, Rantan and many more.

Prozak Special is a series of Prozak Records, focusing on Minimal, Tech House, Electro House oriented releases.

Also, Prozak Overdose series, presenting artists already well installed in the industry.. such as Vortechtral, Peppelino, Wyrus & Amon, Bob D, MFoM, DP-6, Ruslan Mays, Darkrow, Raul Mezcolanza, Lucky RDU.
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PsyberTribe Records PsyberTribe Records
PsyberTribe is a tribe of energy creating spaces and ritual dance ceremonies sacred to the participants and people joining. Promoting the continued growth of our senses, our surroundings, creativity and dance exploration with one another and ourselves in a majikal and open way for all to enjoy.

All are equal, all are welcome. No parties, No Clubs, Just dance and visionary communal creation. Let the world change you and you can change the world. This tribe caters to dance and creative exploration through audial soundscapes and atmosphere's currently and most popularly recognized as "THE TRANCE DANCE EXPERIENCE". Not for the faint...
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