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nachtricht nachtricht
Originally a covers band guitarist I became intrigued by the sonic possibilities of early synthesisers and for a while made EM without guitars.Those were the days of UK Elektronica, EM discussions with Steve Joliffe, Tim Story, Ian Boddy (now on the Zeit team I see - good man!), Paul Nagle, Andy Garibaldi, and the Freeman brothers. Music was distributed on cassette - mine on Colin Potter's ICR label with a sample(of the album Fuji, Pillowbook of Dreams) included on INKEYS no 9.

I bought my first synth, a broken MOOG Satellite, cheap because the shop didn't...
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Node3 Records Node3 Records
Node3 Records is mix of Netlabel and conventional record label for the release of original, creative and experimental music: ambient chillout dark ambient drone music psybient.

The label was founded in 2007 and is based in Montreal, Canada.
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northern echo recordings northern echo recordings
it's grim up north.

made in stockport.

from girders.
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