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Fairy Nuff Fairy Nuff
Dedicated to providing you with EM that doesn't fit the normal mould.
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Faria Records Faria Records
Faria Records release any variety genres of ambient music (Drone, Post Industrial, Dark, Classic Ambient, etc).
The label actively co-operates with leading musicians of ambient scene: Robert Rich, Alio Die, Oophoi, Mathias Grassow, Troum, Bad Sector, Antonio Testa, Aglaia and many others.
The label founder is Faryus (Andrey Faryus). Faryus also is composer and several his CDs have released on Faria Records.
Distinctive feature of releases Faria Records is the special artworks, which continue the concept of an album (high quality printed double carpet of format A5 and several cards in each release).

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Fateless Music Fateless Music
Fateless Music is a small record label created by Dean De Benedictis (aka Surface 10) in 2001 for the sole purpose of releasing his projects and collaberations that bigger labels would not carry. Fateless Music is not to be confused with The Fateless Flows Collective, this being an electronic-music collective in California that Dean helped to establish in 2002.
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Flight Recorder Flight Recorder
A conviction of purpose and compulsion of need continues a thread and lineage that was born from being immersed in the electronic dance music of Detroit, Chicago and Berlin - renegade soundwaves from renegade minds. Welcome to Flight Recorder!

Open-ended architecture
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Frank Makowski Frank Makowski
Frank Makowski performs and releases electronic music for over 15 years now and has constantly moved his conceptional borders forward from Berlin School influenced traditionel EM through pitchblack ambient to electro acoustic styles. Feel free to visit his homepage at and search through his portfolio...
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Frequency Lab Frequency Lab
Enjoy high quality ambient recordings!

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DPac CD's and DVD's at
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