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Earth Academy Records Earth Academy Records
Earth Academy Records is London's premiere organization for futuristic art meets the space age! For Cyberpunks, Space Cadets, Goths, Trekkies, Hi-tech Hippies, Futurists, Astronomers and IT Geeks. Music for the future!
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EEMC (English Electronic Music Company) is a small cottage-industry label. It is ethically modelled on the DGM stance, which is the following: The phonographic copyright in these performances is operated by EEMC on behalf of the artist and compositor, with whom it resides, contrary to common practice in the record industry. EEMC accepts no reason for artists to assign the copyright interests in their work to either record company or management by virtue of a "common practice" which was always questionable, often improper, and is now indefensible.

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Egress UK Egress UK
Egress is a new UK based record label and hopefully a lot more.
Anything goes, so expect far more than just music.
We hope to showcase artistic works as well as multimedia events.
We are particularly keen to work with bands, musicians and artists from the Norfolk,UK region and help to develop a vibrant community for artists and fans alike.
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Ethos Records Ethos Records
Ambient and Chill music from Matt Coldrick/Pan Electric.
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