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Electronic Music
"Catch-all" term for primarily synthesised music which can encompass all forms, from melodic to atonal, drifting to rhythmic, drones to sequencing.
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No boundaries or preconceptions.
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Popular music based on traditional influences, sometimes referred to as "music by and for the common people".
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Soul, Jazz and R&B blended into a rhythmic, danceable form.
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A style of house music born in the Paradise Garage nightclub in New York City, USA.
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Dominant vocals primarily of a religious nature, particularly Christian.
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A form of rock influenced by dark themes, art and culture.
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Heavy Metal
A form of rock often centred on a thick, guitar-and-drums-laden sound.
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Hip Hop
Rapping and rhythm borne of 70's New York culture.
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A style of electronic dance music, developed by dance club DJs in Chicago in the early 80s.
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