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ansatheus ansatheus

9 albums available
on ansatheus

In the eighties i heard the album "Quichote Part I+II" from Tangerine Dream. What a great sound! Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk an many others are also great. My music is inspired by that sound.
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Radio Silence Radio Silence

5 albums available
on USC

A project of Alexey Markov, electronic musician from Nizhny Novgorod, Russian Federation, also known by his other projects Tenth Cloud, Quantum Mechanics and Vortex Mechanic. Radio Silence took start in early 2004 and was his only project for many years exploring themes of world beauty and human love, technology and mystics. It gathers many styles staying easy listening, chillout and new age with an intelligent behaviour. Radio Silence was discontinued several times with the last album in 2013. For now there are no plans to continue it.
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Faber Faber

11 albums available
on MellowJet-Records

Faber is a music project from Northern Germany. The man behind Faber is the musician Ronald Schmidt. After a few years of accordion and Hammond organ lessons at the beginning of the 1970s his great passion for electronic music began when he first heard Wendy Carlos and Tomita in 1972. In the year 1973 the first synthesizer, a Roland SH 1000, was acquired. The first recordings with an old tube tape recorder with multi playback procedure were made.
After graduating as an engineer of physical technology Faber has increased his recording studio since the early eighties. Today the recording studio...
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MaEasy MaEasy

1 album available
on MellowJet-Records

MaEasy apparently leaves his spaceship only rarely, but if you meet him or his music, the mothership can't be too far away. With his debut-album Topp Cosmos the space-keyboarder combines electronic soundscapes with grooving space-bombast, alternating from P-Funk-affected 70th/80th-Sci-Fi-Beat to cinematic sound-adventures, enchanted by cosmic harmonies and freaky atmo-pop and sometimes invites to a meditative landing at never expected places. With MaEasyís sound-adventures the star gate meanwhile opens only at second glance, but then everybody realises, that after all we will be picked up sometime, somehow from somebody (quote: Der grosse Gordoni 2001).
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