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moonbooter vs Oration moonbooter vs Oration

1 album available
on MellowJet-Records

moonbooter vs. Otarion
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Weedekind Weedekind

1 album available
on MellowJet-Records

Weedekind is a music project of Schleideners Rüdiger Pietsch, born in 1968. Already with 7 years he took piano lessons and has since then explored the fascinating music. Back in the 80s he played with various bands in the NDW scene and made his first experiences as a songwriter and keyboardist. The style of his music consists of elegant poppy Electronic, mixed with soft beats and a touch of classicism. In 2012 he released his first album "Phantasia", which is sold on the CUE record label. In December 2012, the song made ​​it "a beautiful day" on the CD vibrations....
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Leonardo Soundweaver Leonardo Soundweaver

7 albums available
on Leonardo

Over the years Leonardo has created a personal universe of organic electronic music. Being independent has made it possible to expand his musical awareness and skills, untouched by commercial motives. The result is an ever flowing stream of music, meandering as a river through an imaginary landscape.
Having a preference for the anologue sounds of the seventies this feel is always inside the music, although time has catched up and integrated the sounds of today as well.
Sometimes flowing into a gentle meditative state, other times active with sequences pounding away, layered with harmonies and outerspace sound effects.

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Ian C Ian C

8 albums available
on Ian C

Ian C is a producer and remixer from the North of England whose infectious and melodic and unique blend of electronica fuses classic TD inspired Electronic Music with 1990s and 2000s dance, trance and house genres.

Due to the recession, Ian C has been able to spend more time to his hobby of writing music but had to cut back on outgoings such as his regular charity direct debits. To this end, all proceeds made from sales of album downloads will be donated to charity. They will be split 50/50 between the Architect's Benevolent Society and Cancer Research UK. Please...
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Faber Faber

11 albums available
on MellowJet-Records

Faber is a music project from Northern Germany. The man behind Faber is the musician Ronald Schmidt. After a few years of accordion and Hammond organ lessons at the beginning of the 1970s his great passion for electronic music began when he first heard Wendy Carlos and Tomita in 1972. In the year 1973 the first synthesizer, a Roland SH 1000, was acquired. The first recordings with an old tube tape recorder with multi playback procedure were made.
After graduating as an engineer of physical technology Faber has increased his recording studio since the early eighties. Today the recording studio...
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Ricky Nowa vs The Deepsense Ricky Nowa vs The Deepsense

1 EP available
on Prozak Records

Ricky Nowa vs The Deepsense
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moonbooter moonbooter

23 albums available
on MellowJet-Records

moonbooter is an Electronic Music project located in the German Eifel. The man behind the project is Bernd Scholl, not to mix up with the other EM-Musician of the same name. In the 80's and 90's Bernd worked as a DJ and musicproducer for Club-orientated music. At the same time he enjoyed as an adolescent the softer EM from Schulze, TD and Jean Michel Jarre, especially inspired by albums from Frank Duval. After a break for some years, in 2003 Bernd produces his first EM-album "Teralogica", which was first released in 2004 by the label SynGate. The album "devided" and...
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Bernard Reeb Bernard Reeb

2 albums available
on Secret Sounds

In late 70's and during the 80's, Bernard Reeb began first experiences with synthesizers, guitars and analog tape recorders.

He has accumulated experience in a wide range of musical fields : he performed Ligeti music as a solo musician in the Opera of Nice (France), published his compositions for classical guitar by french and canadian publishers, winning an award for movie soundtrack and sounddesign, played a few concerts, and released close to 20 albums online.
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trouby trouby

1 album available
on Tantric Trance Records

producer and audio engineer of many projects in electronic music (and classical, too) and main artist profile.
Interested in vintage analogue instruments :)

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