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Steve Orchard Steve Orchard

12 albums available
on AD Music

The instrumental music of Steve Orchard is highly emotional and inspired by the likes of Tomita, Mike Oldfield & Medwyn Goodall. His roots are based firmly in the folk music scene but his instrumental music is very much based in the meditative, new age, relaxing chill out music style. Steve continues to stretch the boundaries of instrumental & lyrical composition playing acoustic & electric guitars as well as various Korg & Roland keyboards. It has been said that "Steve Orchard is different" and that what you get when you purchase a Steve Orchard album is a "unique discovery".

Steve Orchard started...
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Faber Faber

11 albums available
on MellowJet-Records

Faber is a music project from Northern Germany. The man behind Faber is the musician Ronald Schmidt. After a few years of accordion and Hammond organ lessons at the beginning of the 1970s his great passion for electronic music began when he first heard Wendy Carlos and Tomita in 1972. In the year 1973 the first synthesizer, a Roland SH 1000, was acquired. The first recordings with an old tube tape recorder with multi playback procedure were made.
After graduating as an engineer of physical technology Faber has increased his recording studio since the early eighties. Today the recording studio...
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RamsayGee RamsayGee

3 albums available
on AD Music

Born in 1973, RamsayGee grew up in South Africa in a musical family, singing parts in arranged four part harmonies at many prestigious functions from an early age, including a television series called "Sing with us" produced and directed by his mother for the S.A.B.C. The Musical interest in his household was very diverse, which led him to grow with a very broad interest in many musical genres. However, the serious interest in music production only began to evolve many years later.

After matriculating at the school of Art, Ballet , Music and Drama in Johannesburg (where he began his schooling...
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Arbelos Arbelos

1 album available
on Arbelos

Arbelos was born on Tuesday 16th January 2007, a fusion of musical ideas brought by Mark Toner and Noel Chidwick. By Wednesday it had a MySpace profile and a song posted: Portraits in Stone. This birth was somewhat obscured by a couple of name-clashes, but the dust settled and the air cleared and music began to play.
The name is derived from a shape beloved by mathematicians, especially Archimedes, for its elegant properties. The shape is named after an ancient Greek shoemaker's knife. Arbelos as a band name is nice as it comes with its own logo. The band also hopes...
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Jonny Absolute Jonny Absolute

1 album available
on Phoenix Creative Media Ltd

Jonny Absolute is a unique individual singer songwriter from the North of England. PCM presents his new solo album recorded live in 2000 and exlusively available for download from MusicZeit
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