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Otarion Otarion

5 albums available
on MellowJet-Records

The Electronic Music has always pulled him under its spell.
Even as a keyboardist in a school band late 70s he spared his bandmates not to ideas and influences from the fields of EM.
But vocational education and training in 1989 left him in touch with the synths only again.
First, for your own reference only on DAT tape and audio cassettes, his music found its way into the practice of a practitioner.
The great demand for his patients led him to give a small run of audio cassettes in order.
One of these tapes got Sylvia Sommerfeld, president of the vibrations Club (now schallwende...
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Luca Leggi Luca Leggi

1 album available
on Luca Leggi

Luca is an italian composer of classical music.His works include traditional acoustic instruments combined with electronic sounds, creating new and innovative orchestrations.
A mix of styles from romantic to new age.A meditative and relaxing music
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Stephen Palmer Stephen Palmer

21 albums available
1 EP available
on Stephen Palmer Music

Stephen Palmer is the man behind space-rock-pop-psych band Mooch, who over the twenty one years since 1992 have released 23 albums on various labels. Stephen's solo work is more electronic than his band, focussing on Berlin School and pure EM styles, but there are also neo-classical and progressive elements.
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17 albums available
on Deserted Island Music

"Remy Stroomer makes music in the vein of Klaus Schulze circa late 80's - early 90's, which separates him from the bulk of Neo-Prog EM acts that seem to focus on the 70's / early 80's Berlin style."

Artemi Pugachov (Encyclopedia of Electronic Music)
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1 EP available
on USC

Musical project established in 2003 by Mike Winchester, which creates electronic music in various styles, mainly traditional electronic, including Berlin school, ambient, dark ambient and space music. Project was initially intended to produce for self pleasure, generally in spite of fashion, for personal use and listening, and has never betrayed this principle. The music being created for long time is continuously transforming, genres are changing, but only one thing stays intact - recognizable style. If in the beginning works are rather accessible, melodic and simple, then later project was turning towards ever more experimental territories of dark music and minimalism....
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Faber Faber

11 albums available
on MellowJet-Records

Faber is a music project from Northern Germany. The man behind Faber is the musician Ronald Schmidt. After a few years of accordion and Hammond organ lessons at the beginning of the 1970s his great passion for electronic music began when he first heard Wendy Carlos and Tomita in 1972. In the year 1973 the first synthesizer, a Roland SH 1000, was acquired. The first recordings with an old tube tape recorder with multi playback procedure were made.
After graduating as an engineer of physical technology Faber has increased his recording studio since the early eighties. Today the recording studio...
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Various Artists Various Artists

12 albums available
on AD Music

AD Music has a selection of "Best of Albums" featuring music from our artists designed as a "taster' for those who maybe haven't fully investigated our music over the years. There are currently 5 "Best of" collections that contain mainly released music but they do contain some exclusive tracks only found on these compilations and all the music has been digitally remastered and enhanced specially for these collection. Other compilations include the highly acclaimed TranceAD which feature some terrific remixes and the Christmas album, ChristmasAD - The First Snow.
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Dhyanam Dhyanam

1 album available
on AD Music

Dhyanam is originally from the USA and as a teenager he wrote and recorded his songs and played guitar in a number of Rock and R&B bands. At the same time, he was developing a taste for music "outside of the boundaries" of everything he was hearing and playing.
The first big change of musical direction came during his time of traveling and living in India, where he fell in love with Indian music, which led him to study and learn to play the sitar.

Dhyanam then moved to Holland, where he currently lives. He works in his studio in...
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4m33s 4m33s

18 albums available
on Ambientlive

Taking the name from Cages's piece, 4m33s tries to continue the tradition of experimentalism, minimalism, and above all innovation, but using modern methods - computers, synths, samples, etc and played mainly live too - 4m33s is primarily a live act, and most of the stuff on the albums is actually recorded in one take, that is, each track is the best version of several takes, but there is little studio manipulation, to maintain the 'live feel'
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Serge Blenner Serge Blenner

1 album available
on MdeC Editions

Serge Blenner was born in France in 1955. Before he moved to Germany in 1975 he studied late composition and harmony at the conservatory of Mulhouse. At a very early stage of this new genre he began to experiment with electronic music and presented his work in a series of live concerts in Munich and Hamburg in 1978. Since 1979 he has been living in Hamburg and works in his Studio Esthematique. 1999 he set up his label MdeC Editions and has been publishing his latest albums himself.

Serge Blenner is an independent composer. Unlike many of his contemporaries he will...
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