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Wellenfeld Wellenfeld

9 albums available
on MellowJet-Records

The Duo Wellenfeld created their debut-album Cosmic Waves in the years 2003 and 2004. With their song Monolith the two Ruhrpottler Andreas Braun and Detlef Dominiczak reached top score at the Schwinnungen-election 2003 in the category best song. This is remarkable for newcomers with a new Electronical Music which is signified by a distinctive style from the very beginning. Both musicians basically differ in their own musical background. Until the project Wellenfeld had been founded, Detlef, the older one, only consumed music passively, preferably Krautrock, whereas Andreas started to produce Techno and EBM-productions already in the 90's. Their background...
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WorldWideKind WorldWideKind

1 album available
on Earth Academy Records

Planet hop this journey from some of the most eclectic creators across the spheres of electronica & ambient.
Positive inspiration meets global collaboration.

WorldWideKind is a electronic music project
founded at the start of the millennia by the
Intelligentsia Network (futurist mailing list on YahooGroups)
Its main producers: Mirai [Intelligentsia], Steve Deg [Orangey],
Sascha Windrath [AntiMatterMan] & Victor Cerullo.

The WWK series so far has featured the following artists:

Andy Pickford [UK]
Astromill [USA/UK]
Andy Hagerty [Scotland]
Arthur Loves Plastic [USA]
AntiMatterMan (Psyclonic Parandroid) [Germany]
Andrea Priora [Italy]
Artskool [Norway/USA]
Alvaro M. Rocha [Portugal]
Bill Canty [Australia]
Christopher J Wray [UK]
Chris Born [USA]
Dr Jan (guru) [UK/Japan]
Elemental (Steve Stokes)...
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