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1 album available

I'm a fan of cosmic music like Tangerine Dream and Jean Michel Jarre
I'm a selfmade man i do it all writing/composing/mastering and mixing but the best part is alway's the start ...a new sound,or a sequence and then I'm ready to go all the way
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Serge Blenner Serge Blenner

1 album available
on MdeC Editions

Serge Blenner was born in France in 1955. Before he moved to Germany in 1975 he studied late composition and harmony at the conservatory of Mulhouse. At a very early stage of this new genre he began to experiment with electronic music and presented his work in a series of live concerts in Munich and Hamburg in 1978. Since 1979 he has been living in Hamburg and works in his Studio Esthematique. 1999 he set up his label MdeC Editions and has been publishing his latest albums himself.

Serge Blenner is an independent composer. Unlike many of his contemporaries he will...
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Sergey Kolesnikov Sergey Kolesnikov

1 album available
on USC

This obscure musician from Saint-Petersburg is absolutely unknown to the world. He is writing electronic music since around 2003, though he had some earlier experiences with recording. And this is a crime, because his music by its quality and maturity is positioned mentally much over many material ejected nowadays. His deepest impression only with classical works of Klaus Schulze made his own works sound as similar as possible. Sergey has kept the distance from any labels trying to print CD-Rs and CDs himself with no luck. Later he tried to contact some of known EM labels that gently declined the...
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Singh Boncard Singh Boncard

1 album available
on SynGate Records

SynGate Records

Singh Boncard - Music From The 3rd Millennium produces electronic music. The style is leaned on the so-called Berlin School, which was originated mainly in the seventies of the 20th century. Also, he uses ambient sounds. By the way Singh Boncard is the name of a musician mentioned in the science fiction series 'Perry Rhodan'.

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Skin Mechanix Skin Mechanix

1 album available
on Thinking Metal Music

SkInMeChaNIx began life in August 1999 as a short lived but prolific collaboration between T-Bass UK's Dave Hughes and avant-garde sound experimentalist, Skin.

The objective was to get back to basics, to reclaim some of the joy of creating original music and to work with some new and previously untried techniques. The end product, we feel, was something very special indeed - dance rhythms fused with throbbing retro sequences and fiery electronic soundscapes, strong melodies and challenging arrangements, all welded together to form a magical melange and occupying a territory which was perhaps unique in the UK synth music scene.

Sadly, the...
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SpiralDreams SpiralDreams

16 albums available
on Synth Music Direct

Every track from SpiralDreams (who comes from Hungary) is heavy on the sequences. Vast stonking sequences! The note patterns are mesmerizing . They will entice you in and keep a firm hold. The tracks tend to be of a 10 to 20 minute duration. Even though each track is based around a sequence there are also lead lines and melodies but these tend to be slow and atmospheric rather than of the axe man variety, complimenting the driving pulsations perfectly.
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Spyra Spyra

1 album available
on Spyra

Spyra (aka Wolfram der Spyra) is a musician and sound artist from Kassel in Germany. He makes music that spans the boundaries between contemporary electronic music and modern rave culture. Compositions are derived from classic cosmic music structure yet influenced by 21st century sensibilities.

Spyra began his career in the early 1990's constructing soundscape installations at various locations in Germany. He has collaborated with a wide range of visual artists, musicians, producers and DJs and has released over 14 albums - beginning in 1995 with Home Listening is Killing Clubs.

The ascent to Electronic Music fame began when Spyra first came in...
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Stephan Whitlan Stephan Whitlan

4 albums available
on Fairy Nuff

Stalwart of the UK synth scene, virtuoso MiniMoog exponent, and fond of large organs.
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Stephen Palmer Stephen Palmer

21 albums available
1 EP available
on Stephen Palmer Music

Stephen Palmer is the man behind space-rock-pop-psych band Mooch, who over the twenty one years since 1992 have released 23 albums on various labels. Stephen's solo work is more electronic than his band, focussing on Berlin School and pure EM styles, but there are also neo-classical and progressive elements.
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Steve Baltes Steve Baltes

1 album available
on MellowJet-Records

1971 Born near Düsseldorf (Germany)

1984 Impressed by the work of Kraftwerk and Visage Steve bought his first Synthesizer. In the following years he saved all money he could get to buy used analog synth´s, sequencers and beatboxes. Built up of a small electronic home studio.

1986-1993 Self study in harmony and music electronics. Keyboard in various local music groups. New age solo performances. Conclusion of his band activities to concentrate on his solo work. Inspired by the musical style hardtrance at the beginning of the 90`s he discovered trance music as the development of classic electronic and new age music. Production...
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