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polaris polaris

2 albums available
on polaris

POLARIS is an one-person project name.

His first steps in creation of music took place in the beginning of the 90's, under the influence of electronic classics like Tangerine Dream or Jarre.
The music interests and influences evaluated through the years so it's now wide spectrum of electronic styles, but the main are ambient/retro-electronic/IDM.
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Pollard / Canovas / Dolente / Daniel Pollard / Canovas / Dolente / Daniel

1 album available
on Acoustic Wave

4 artists, one aim.
Berlin School perfection.
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Pollard / Daniel / Booth Pollard / Daniel / Booth

4 albums available

The collaborative talents of Brendan Pollard, Michael Daniel and Phil Booth.

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Protogonos Protogonos

1 album available
on DiN

The working name adopted by Stefan W. Bojczuk and any musical collaborators, the most enduring partnership having been with Matthew Shaw for the last six years.

Protogonos: Derivation: alchemical, the first seed: cabbalistic, adam kadmon, the blueprint of humankind.

Stefan became interested in playing electronic music in the late '70s. It was while he attended Newcastle University that he met Ian Boddy. Their mutual interest in electronica led them to Spectro studios where they experimented with VCS3s and other wobbly analogue synths. Stefan returned to his native Halifax, where, for a number of years he dabbled with punk/new wave, keyboard player in...
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Protogonos Protogonos

2 albums available
on Protogonos

Protogonos. First Seed. Stefan Bojczuk working with other artists. Matt Shaw and Rothwell 'Shack' Shackleton on 'Air T3m'.
Music. Electronic. Soundscapes.
What does it sound like in my head? Or yours.
Find out....
Update 2012. Free music from Protogonos! New album entitled 'Occluded'. Many thanks to those who paid!
Update 2015!! Download tracks for free [or donate] from newly released album entitled 'The Set Of All Spaces'.
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Psyfactor Psyfactor

1 album available
on Ajana Records

Psyfactor is Dmitri Koranblin, born in Russia and living in Moscow.

He started producing music in 1995 allready. From 2000 on he started dj-ing psychedelic sounds at parties & festivals in & around Moscow. His first music production was inpsychedelic trance, later on he also started producing chill out and ambient music.

In August 2005 his first chill-out track was released on the Ajana Records compilation ‘A Magical Journey’. This inspired him to go deeper into ambient music and started producing a full length album.
This resulted in an Album with 9 unreleased tracks with the theme ‘Endless Universe’

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Pyramid Peak Pyramid Peak

6 albums available
on SynGate Records

SynGate Records

Pyramid Peak will perfom at the 'German EM Festival' Satzvey Castle on 10th April 2010. See for further details.

Pyramid Peak's sequencer based music just get better and better. 'Atmosphere' is good, 'Ocean Drive' is very good, 'Random Events' is excellent and 'Fish'n Love' is simply fantastic.

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