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Paul Stokes Paul Stokes

3 albums available
7 EPs available
on Paul Stokes

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Paul Stokes now lives in Middlesbrough, Cleveland, England. He has had classical and rock experience and now spends his time composing and creating new works. Co-forming the band-Giantkiller, led to concerts and albums. About this time the punk era was born, but the band remained rock-influenced, although borrowing some of the punk energy!
From the early 70s to the mid 80s, two albums were made with the band in Pasadena, USA, and one in Pity-Me, County Durham.
He continued after some time out, to write songs and instrumental works, eventually completing a solo instrumental album in...
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Phrozenlight Phrozenlight

86 albums available
1 EP available
on Phrozenlight

"Phrozenlight" creates, since 1995, imaginary travels into the darkness with his electronic space-scapes.

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