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nachtricht nachtricht

20 albums available
on nachtricht

Originally a covers band guitarist I became intrigued by the sonic possibilities of early synthesisers and for a while made EM without guitars.Those were the days of UK Elektronica, EM discussions with Steve Joliffe, Tim Story, Ian Boddy (now on the Zeit team I see - good man!), Paul Nagle, Andy Garibaldi, and the Freeman brothers. Music was distributed on cassette - mine on Colin Potter's ICR label with a sample(of the album Fuji, Pillowbook of Dreams) included on INKEYS no 9.

I bought my first synth, a broken MOOG Satellite, cheap because the shop didn't...
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Narcosis Narcosis

1 album available
on Fairy Nuff

Narcosis are Stephan Whitlan and Steve Jenkins who together have collaborated in the area of improvisational electronic music for the past 7 years. Following their own stylistic path, yet drawing upon a wide variety of musical influences, Narcosis offer a fresh slant to the listener seeking to move on from more traditional EM artists.
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Nemesis Nemesis

5 albums available
on Synth Music Direct

This band from Finland have a style all of their own. Sometimes they can crank up the sequences, sometimes they create the most wondeful melodies but there is also a sort of 'attitude', a dark moodiness that sets them apart from the rest.
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Node Node

1 album available
on DiN

Node - Flood, Ed Buller, Mel Wesson and Dave Bessell.

A quartet of producers, composers and players with a long music industry track record and a passion for vintage analogue of the classic sort. The music of Node in full flow utilizes a vast array of rare analogue modulars including three customized Moog modulars, a large Roland modular system, a very rare PPG modular alongside numerous ARP’s VCS3’s Minimoogs Korgs and a handful of the newer classics such as the Macbeth M5n.

Between them Node have contributed to projects by Depeche Mode, NIN, U2, Suede, Pulp, The Verve, Polly Harvey, Killing Joke,...
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Noise Kommandoh Noise Kommandoh

6 albums available
on Ambientlive

NK is drones, clangs, bangs, huge soundscapes, insistent beats, industrial sounds, long solo's, etc etc

Jokingly "the purpose of noise kommandoh is to torture the audience with an impenetrable wall of phased sound, through which they try in vain to pick out a melody, because there isn't one" but of course there is ...
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Nyama Nyama

1 EP available
on PsyberTribe Records

Nyama is a psychedelic trance project dedicated to the night, the day and everything in between unless its twisted hours.

Behind this project is Jan Paluch from Hamburg, Germany, who was born in 1982 and discovered the so called goatrance in 1996... From 1998 on, he has been attending a lot of underground parties and many big festivals, enjoying himself and the culture in this new discovered universe and dancing a lot.
After some time he wanted to give something back to this community by creating something. While trying out what might fit his interests best, he was introduced to cubase in...
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