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Mind Paradox Mind Paradox

1 album available
on Mind Paradox

A finnish musician born in 1979, made music since 1992. Finally the first album is here, having elements of ambient and experimental music.
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Mindwalk2007 Mindwalk2007

4 albums available
on Mindwalk2007

Mindwalk2007 is the artist name of the experimental composer, musician and sound designer Paul walker, who is based in the North West of England.

My real interest in music began back in the 1970s' when I began discovering the music of the likes of Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis and Mike Oldfield.

I had always wanted to create my own music that is inspired by the aforementioned artists but that has only become possible in the last few years with the advances in computers and music creation software.

I currently use Reason 4 and Ableton Live for creating my music.
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Mirrored Meridian Mirrored Meridian

2 albums available
on Mirrored Meridian

Mirrored Meridian is the moniker used for the electronic, ambient and soundtrack projects of a musician and composer currently based in Stoke-On-Trent.

Initially a guitarist, a love for keyboards and synthesizers began at the turn of the century and continues to this day, draining most of any income.

Much of the music is inspired by landscape, science and astronomy. Whilst trying to move forward, one foot remains unashamedly in the past. For this, there is no apology!

In the main, music should be fun and enjoyed. Most of the musical projects are (or have been) fun to work on and it is...
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MOBS (Detlef Keller) MOBS (Detlef Keller)

1 album available
on SynGate Records

M.O.B.S. is Man Of Berlin School
He is a well known artist being familiar since decades with Berlin School style of electronic music. Using a pseudonym, the artist wants to act incognito to allow his solo music to be taken aware unaffected neither from the audience, nor from musicians. Check yourself, if you like his project :)
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Monkey Puzzle Monkey Puzzle

5 albums available
on Monkey Puzzle

Reviews for Monkey Puzzle:
"...another album full of charm and certain quirkiness" David Law, Music Zeit
"...elements of Kraftwerk, Vangelis, Oldfield and Enya!" COLIN, NORWICH
" favourite still T Dance (it takes me to another world!)" CLAIRE (& PETER), GERMANY
"Great contrast between the tracks and lots of subtle changes..." RUTH, DARLINGTON
"I really enjoyed the diversity of this album...something for every mood" SUE, BRISTOL
"...I like the variation and the way it flows" RICHARD, SUSSEX

Monkey Puzzle is the result of many years of endeavours with keyboards, electronics and sampling. The link throughout that time has been Steve, who has been supported by excellent family...
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moonbooter moonbooter

23 albums available
on MellowJet-Records

moonbooter is an Electronic Music project located in the German Eifel. The man behind the project is Bernd Scholl, not to mix up with the other EM-Musician of the same name. In the 80's and 90's Bernd worked as a DJ and musicproducer for Club-orientated music. At the same time he enjoyed as an adolescent the softer EM from Schulze, TD and Jean Michel Jarre, especially inspired by albums from Frank Duval. After a break for some years, in 2003 Bernd produces his first EM-album "Teralogica", which was first released in 2004 by the label SynGate. The album "devided" and...
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moonbooter vs Oration moonbooter vs Oration

1 album available
on MellowJet-Records

moonbooter vs. Otarion
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Morbius Morbius

1 album available
on Egress UK

Mark Back and Graham Cooke formed the first incarnation of Morbius in 1994. They were drawn together by a love of punk, synthesizers and sampling. Early material had an electronic slant, but soon their love of the Ramones and art-rockers The Cramps took over. Their sound had a new direction, they set about incorporating the Rock & Roll antics of punk into the electronic roots they had already established. By combining the love of a good rock track with the sonic possibilities afforded by electronic instruments they have a sound that is unmistakably Morbius.

Morbius released three full length Albums and...
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1 album available
on SynGate Records

MTA Lab is a new project from a cooperation of friends around Thomas Meier, aka TM Solver. The trio plays the basic structures live, then the recording is being edited and mastered in the studio of TM Solver.

M for Marcel Margis

T for Thomas Meier (TM Solver)

A for Andre Danker

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My Shady Past My Shady Past

1 album available
on nachtricht

nachtricht's alta-ego. Earlier times, simpler times. Better times?
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