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Maktub Maktub

1 album available
on Mind Tweakers Records

Maktub is a psytrance project performed by the producer Bernard Carvalho. He's been involved with music since 1999 and he's integrated some rock bands that make part of Brazilian underground scene. He's got his influences from punk rock,hard core and even from reggae and dub music. Maktub tries to mix that musical sonority with modern electronic music (Psytrance).As a result,it brings us a new conception for this style.
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Methodic Marble Methodic Marble

1 EP available
on PsyberTribe Records

Methodic Marble is the musical alias of portuguese nighttime psytrance producer Luís Pires. My style goes from dark full on to, to some more heavy straight out darkish psy trance. Mainly influence by Digital talk, Phatmatix, Naked Tourist, ManMadeMan, Derango and Penta.
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moonbooter moonbooter

23 albums available
on MellowJet-Records

moonbooter is an Electronic Music project located in the German Eifel. The man behind the project is Bernd Scholl, not to mix up with the other EM-Musician of the same name. In the 80's and 90's Bernd worked as a DJ and musicproducer for Club-orientated music. At the same time he enjoyed as an adolescent the softer EM from Schulze, TD and Jean Michel Jarre, especially inspired by albums from Frank Duval. After a break for some years, in 2003 Bernd produces his first EM-album "Teralogica", which was first released in 2004 by the label SynGate. The album "devided" and...
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2 albums available
on MellowJet-Records

After releasing lot of studio-albums for a long time, MYTHOS is going back to his roots and presents his new Live-CD called "Gallery Concerts". It was recorded in realtime by using a bunch of instruments, like his "Tull" tranfers flute, an electronic bagpipe, different legendary effects and a vocoder.
Plus an surprising instrument. Besides the structure of his music, Stepahn gave himself also some time for improvisations and soli. This all was and will be performed without an PC on stage. The music is coming out of hardwaresequenzers. The songs are straightlined, melodic and have a celtic touch.
Stephan Kaske...
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