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Lost Radiance Lost Radiance

1 album available
on USC

The authentic reincarnation of the old school style of Berlin School circa 70-80s. It is also curious that these musicians don't listen and don't know any common modern EM at all and gather their impressions from Steve Moore (Zombi), Jack Wall and Sam Hulick soundtrack for Mass Effect video game and of course Klaus Schulze.
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Lyonel Bauchet Lyonel Bauchet

1 album available
on DiN

Lyonel Bauchet is a well established and prolific composer of music for TV, film and radio and in that respect he mirrors one aspect of DiN label boss Ian Boddy's DiN extra-curricular activities. Over the space of 35 years he has composed over 2,000 such pieces of music but has never sought a career in releasing music for public consumption in the form of album releases. Over this time he has created a wonderful studio just north of Paris for his work that alongside state of the art recording hardware features, and is centred upon, a monumentally huge Buchla 200e...
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