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Lappländer Lappländer

3 albums available
on Lappländer

Electronic instrumentals from Finland, "Golden oldies from the future".

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Leonardo Soundweaver Leonardo Soundweaver

7 albums available
on Leonardo

Over the years Leonardo has created a personal universe of organic electronic music. Being independent has made it possible to expand his musical awareness and skills, untouched by commercial motives. The result is an ever flowing stream of music, meandering as a river through an imaginary landscape.
Having a preference for the anologue sounds of the seventies this feel is always inside the music, although time has catched up and integrated the sounds of today as well.
Sometimes flowing into a gentle meditative state, other times active with sequences pounding away, layered with harmonies and outerspace sound effects.

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Logical Elements Logical Elements

1 album available
on Mind Tweakers Records

Ioan Macovei (Proto) aka Logical Elements was born on the 9th of January 1984. Between 1996-2000 he tried to deepen his knowledge on all styles of electronic music, to understand their meaning, philosophy and was thus mostly influenced by psy/goa and chillout/ambient. In 2003 he started to compose experimental, new age, ambient tracks and even movie soundtracks, inspired by artists like Oliver Shanti, Kitaro, Vanghelis, Jean Michel Jarre, Orbital, Aphex Twin etc. His tracks take shape by organically connecting his brain to sounds, being able to produce a rhythm from a plain sound or to start a new melody with...
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Lounasan Lounasan

1 album available

Travelling without moving! It all happens in your mind and in an undefined deep area of your belly. Lounasan seeks out for cosmic trips into music.

Being fascinated with electronical music since childhood, Lounasan never ceased to make music. A long evolution opened up the way to a very emotional approach, which has been described as filmic. Enthousiastic fellow dreamers are fond of the ambient soundscapes and the more sequence-based songs that emerge.
It's like working on a puzzle, where you never now when the last piece will be placed.
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Low Flows Low Flows

1 album available
on Low Flows

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