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1 album available
on Fairy Nuff

K2PROJEKT are Keith Corbett & Stephan Whitlan, a bad-tempered old Atari and a huge pile of equally unhelpful old toys.
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Kagermann, Keller, Schönwälder & friends Kagermann, Keller, Schönwälder & friends

1 album available
on Manikin Records

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Kallous Boys Kallous Boys

1 album available
on Porkweasel

Formed by Moonboy & Vincent Van Hire over 25 years ago, during their tenure on Black Dwarf Wreckordings as members of Thee Unkommuniti, the Kallous Boys have been sporadically active but constantly influenced by anything electronic. From Klaus Schulze to Power Electronics from Minimalism to IDM. As long as there is a pulse to ride or a wave to drift on the Kallous Boys will be there. You can hear more tunes find out more at both and our myspace page

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ken martin ken martin

13 albums available
on ken martin

Ken Martin has been composing & playing electronic music for 46 years. He's developed his own unique blend of Berlin school & space music that hearkens back to the golden age of instrumental synth music. I like to emulate the Berlin sound by using my own ideas as well as still keeping some of the traditional flavour of the masters.
Good listening.
It has been some time now since I was on the music scene due to work commitments.
I get many people asking me when will we get some more music from you, my answer is very soon.
I plan to upload some...
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Kindred Lost Kindred Lost

1 album available
on Kindred Lost

Kindred Lost - a.k.a. David Ryle stitches together a collection of EM & prog rock influences. He then sprinkles in a bit of ambient & melodramatic soundtrack styles for seasonings.
The result is a fresh, melodic music rooted in familiar territory.
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Kösmonaut Kösmonaut

2 albums available
on Kösmonaut

Synthedelica spaciness, Krautronica post-disco madness from San Angelo, Texas. Patrick R. Pärk, the man behind the machines delivers propulsive retro-ish psych-prog electronics. Imagine a missing link between the sci-fi rockin explorations of Heldon and the cosmic sounding grooves of Tangerine Dream and Conrad Schnitzler.
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