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Gert Blokzijl Gert Blokzijl

21 albums available
on Gert Blokzijl

Music by Gert Blokzijl

From my fourth year I make music.
I then played on an old harmonium with a key still functioned, but that was enough for me.
Then I discovered electronic music for me then and still a deep impression.
Inspired by these feelings, I learned myself synthesizers, samplers and various other electronic devices play / operate.
Currently I use analog and digital instruments and software to my sounds and compositions shape.
My music is based on events, paintings, photographs, films etc.
Making music is an outlet for me and I appreciate the responses I get from...
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Gert Emmens & Ruud Heij Gert Emmens & Ruud Heij

9 albums available
on Gert Emmens & Ruud Heij

Both Gert and Ruud knew each others musical
outings since when they were members of Alfa
Centauri, and both liked what the other was
doing. Ruud for instance, was very impressed
by the Gert Emmens track The Sign of the
Sentinel that was released on a sampler CD,
called “Movements”. Gert, on his turn,
liked what Ruud was doing with Patchwork and
Free System Projekt. And after sending each
other some e-mails, they both decided to do a
session together. This resulted in the basic
tracks for their first collaboration “Return
To The Origin”, released in 2004. Since then,
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Glyn Lloyd-Jones Glyn Lloyd-Jones

7 albums available
on Glyn Lloyd-Jones

UK synthesist Glyn Lloyd-Jones enthused EM fans in the late 80s with his cassette releases 'Ri' and 'Icesteps'. Rarely have melody and sequence been harmonised in such an infectious brew. Glyn's full catalogue is presented here for the first time, including the incredible 'Ocean of Serenity' and the previously unavailable 'Timelines'. Glyn now lives in Italy and continues to make music, and the fruits of that influence can now be heard on his long anticipated latest album 'From Time to Time'!
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Graham Getty Graham Getty

4 albums available
on Retrochet Records

Lie in the sand and visualize like it's '75 again.
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Graham Getty & Stephan Whitlan Graham Getty & Stephan Whitlan

1 album available
1 EP available
on Retrochet Records

Occasional drinking and sequencing buddies.
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Grauglanz Grauglanz

5 albums available
on Grauglanz

Grauglanz is a electronic music project from Essen, Germany.
Influenced and inspired by Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Tempel, Berlin School, Kraftwerk, Kitaro, Jean Michel Jarre and many more
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