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Dreamerproject Dreamerproject

1 album available
1 EP available
on AD Music

Dreamerproject is the creative brainchild of Norwegian artist Kjetil Ingebrigtsen.

Kjetil has been making music for a long time. His first demo was a piano ballad called "Dream On" which was recorded in "At The Barn" studios in Fredrikstad. In 2005 he started working on his first electronic music, and two years later released the demo album "Voyage". During this time he recorded 7 songs, 2 of them recorded at the Xenomorph studios in Edmonton.The rest of the songs were recorded in his hometown of Fredrikstad. There were several producers on the album "Voyage", Sebastian Komor(working with aplhaville), Richard Bjørklund(Spektralized) and...
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Dub Atomica Dub Atomica

2 albums available
on DiN

Listen to the world within the world of sound as critical beats career and collide with ethereal vibes and tones to produce an eclectic, minimalist dance floor, chill out sensation. Ian Boddy in collaboration with beats guru Nigel Mullaney from Best Before.
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DubSalon DubSalon

1 album available
on Node3 Records

DubSalon was born in 1976, in Argentina. Also known as Emiliano Gomez, DubSalon is a well versed producer and sound engineer. DubSalon runs his own engineering studio by the name of FreeStyle Recordings (

Emiliano spent most of his life in Europe, traveling between Italy and England where he studied music production, in London, and since then DubSalon has been producing music and working as sound engineer.

His early work was produced under the name RAROYLOCO, working in a variety of down tempo styles. His latest work, as DUBSALON, is a blend of old skool dub and psyambient melodies.

Now releasing a splendid...
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Dyson, Ward, Thrasher Dyson, Ward, Thrasher

1 EP available
on Soddett Hall Music

Tracks by John Dyson, Paul Ward and Antony Thrasher for a spaecial realease to coincide with a concert performance by 'John Dyson and Friends'in Breda, Netherlands,1992
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