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Capsula Capsula

1 album available
on Ajana Records

Capsula is Yosi Shamay , born in 1978 and living in Kfar Saba, Israel.

Yosi began his music production with the age of 16 (1995) using Scream Tracker 3 followed by Impulse Tracker . Back than he produced mainly goa-trance, influenced by the Goa-Vibes series (Trust In Trance). After upgrading his software and equipment he played around with different styles like breakbeat, drum & bass,house and more. (He never released anything from it ... although he made a lot of tracks).

After a lot of mind opening travels in the world and the trance culture (for about a year and a half:...
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Christopher J Wray Christopher J Wray

2 albums available
1 EP available
on Earth Academy Records

Since 1987, Christopher J Wray has pursued the unique and unusual for his album soundscapes. With music spanning the ambient, progressive and symphonic electronica genres, CJ has managed to create his own disctinctive style, which has gained him a prodigious fanbase.

His recent albums Dreamers (2002,) Dreamers Two (2004) & The Time Bell (2006) have helped him to make his mark on the electronic music scene. CJ Wray has currently finished his brand new album entitled 'BERLIN' which is scheduled for a 2008 release.

More recently, Christopher joined UK/Japan Electro band INTELLIGENTSIA for future projects and performances.
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chronos & cj catalizer chronos & cj catalizer

1 album available
on Ajana Records

In 2007 and 2008 Nick Klimenko and Dimitriy Neschadim formed a duo and composed an album with ambient, ethnic influences and chillout trance vibrations. 'Quid est Veritas?' is the musical outcome of an intensive cooperation, 11 tracks build upon etnic rythyms and influences of ancient cultures.
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Code Indigo Code Indigo

9 albums available
on AD Music

UK instrumental rock band Code Indigo remain one of AD Music's most prominent acts. Early output drew comparisons to The Orb, Enigma, and instrumental Pink Floyd while retaining an originality that found favour in rock, down tempo chill-out and electronic music circles.

With a strong worldwide following, their albums continue to explore uncharted music territory and remain perennial favourites. 'For whom the Bell' remains a popular classic, while "Timecode" is one of the top 25 essential CD's on Echoes U.S. syndicated radio, and the latest CD "Chill" has already been heralded as "their best yet".
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Cypress Rosewood Cypress Rosewood

1 album available
on Space For Music

Cypress Rosewood, the virtual world avatar name of Tony Gerber, has performed over 130 live metamedia music concert events in the virtual world of Second Life. The native american flute mixed with the serene electronics and guitar work create's Rosewood’s new voice that has the virtual world audience buzzing with excitement. For those of you not familiar with Second Life visit Cypress is the newest artist to be added to the SFM roster and we have lot’s of new recordings from his musical ventures in the virtual world. Many of these are being posted for availability here and now...
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