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Bone Idol Bone Idol

1 album available
on Synth Music Direct

Bone Idol combine exciting rhythms and steamroller sequences with exquisite melodies to create irresistibly exciting tracks. Influences seem many: Mark Shreeve, early to mid Eighties Tangerine Dream and even at times Vangelis but without sounding exactly like any of them. Bone Idol have an infectious style all of their own.
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Bouvetoya Bouvetoya

5 albums available
on SynGate Records

....old skool electronica where influences begin with the letters TD, KS, FSOL, BoC and JMJ!

The 3 Bouvetøya Principles:


Bouvetøya is a studio based electronica entity based in Ireland

"There are no boundaries, only creative limitations"

Now as well on SynGate Wave, the sublabel for electronic music apart from classic Berlin School
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2 albums available

An exciting new original classic rock band formed by ex-Mostly Autumn keyboard player Iain Jennings, and featuring the incredible vocal and songwriting talents of Olivia Sparnenn.
The first 'band' CD entitled Coming Up For Air sold all of it's initial pressing of 1000 copies inside 4 months.
The band has gone from playing the pub circuit to established 250+ capacity venues inside a year, they are on the same bill as Marillion at this year's Cambridge Rock Festival and were nominated in the best new band catagory at this years Classic Rock Society awards.
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Brendan Pollard Brendan Pollard

4 albums available
on Brendan Pollard

Involved with various aspects of the Electronic Music scene for many years, Brendan Pollard has more recently been creating albums of his own, either as a solo artist or as part of the band Rogue Element.
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Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder

6 albums available
on Manikin Records

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Brueckner & Everling Brueckner & Everling

1 album available
on SynGate Records

Brueckner & Everling is the cooperation between Michael Brueckner and Detlev Everling. Brueckner is well known for his big number of ambient albums, he released since more than 20 years. Detlev Everling is a professional musician playing French Horn mainly in an orchestra, but as well in different projects. In this cooperation french horn as an analog sound as well as a processed and edited sound is a very interesting and rare combination with the synths and effects of Michael Brueckner
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