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BatteryDead BatteryDead

1 album available
on MellowJet-Records

BatteryDead is an electronic music project by founded by German musician Christian Ahlers in 2004.

Christian started composing music in 1987 for the Amiga demoscene. His music is a melodic mixture of soundscapes, sequences and rhythm for chilling out. The goal of BatteryDead is to inspire, entertain, and at some moments touch the listener's soul. BatteryDead has his own style, so it is hard to compare him to other musicians.
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Bekki Williams Bekki Williams

4 albums available
on AD Music

Bekki Williams is a gifted UK electronic music composer, specializing in wonderfully warm and rhythmic melodic music. Expertly crafted New Age and electronic music with heart, soul plus strong classical elements that give it immense depth. This is music with considerable structure and style that remains very, very popular.
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Bernard Reeb Bernard Reeb

2 albums available
on Secret Sounds

In late 70's and during the 80's, Bernard Reeb began first experiences with synthesizers, guitars and analog tape recorders.

He has accumulated experience in a wide range of musical fields : he performed Ligeti music as a solo musician in the Opera of Nice (France), published his compositions for classical guitar by french and canadian publishers, winning an award for movie soundtrack and sounddesign, played a few concerts, and released close to 20 albums online.
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Bernita Bernita

1 album available
on Landmine Recordz

Born Bernita Brumant, in East London, Bernita began singing and acting at an early age:

A young talented singer, songwriter, who also plays the piano & violin, brings you her debut album, Journey Through Life, featuring tracks written by Bernita, that speak, of her life, loves & hurts

This album is a mixture of upbeat club tracks such as Hypnotise, to smooth & sexy ballads such as You Are. Definitely an album ladies can relate to.
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Best Before Best Before

1 album available
on Best Before

Best Before are Nigel Mullaney and Ray Sherwin. Formed as a collective in 1995 Best Before return to the studio with a new album to be released in the very near future.
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Bill Nelson Bill Nelson

5 EPs available
on Saras Hope Foundation

Inspired by the courage and tremendous positive spirit of Sara Hoburn, Saras Hope Foundation was formed at the end of June 2007. Family and friends plan to raise funds to buy a plot of land and build a holiday ´retreat´ on the beautiful island of Crete for young cancer patients in the UK and their families.

For more info please visit

For all of the latest information on Bill Nelson please visit
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Biomass Biomass

1 album available
on biometrax

Psychedelic electronic music, a bit like many artists made in the 90's...but it sounds like futuristic music of 2020...

biomass Audio Visualization Experiments initiated in Los Angeles California 1990
Immersive Environment: headphones // loudspeakers // dark night
Frequency: α // Θ // psychedelic meditation
Process: emotionally dynamic electrosonic energy field activation into audiovision
Access: multi-dimensional potential for psychonauts & dancers
Network: Psychonaut Commune // ATOI

serpentine atmospherix holographic architecture heavy mecha rotation technoid mass harmonically interlocking blox ov light sex robotic dancing industrial strength geometric trancing sikedelectronic meditation dark sound wave suspension
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Bit Pixel Bit Pixel

1 album available
on A-Frame Media

Pure synth pop Prozac.
If you ever liked The Pet Shop Boys, Human League, Depeche Mode, Howard Jones, O.M.D, Celebrate The Nun and Erasure, you will love Bit Pixel.

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Bluzoid Bluzoid

1 album available
on Bluzoid

RISING up through the hot, arid Australian landscape, comes the new, cooling sound of Bluzoid. From the powerful opening piece of the debut album, to the almost twenty minutes of atmospheric ambience of the title track The Planet, Bluzoid creates a fresh mix of melodic and imaginative soundscapes.

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Boddy, Hoffmann-Hoock & Wright Boddy, Hoffmann-Hoock & Wright

1 album available
on AD Music

The "Trinity" of Ian Boddy, Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock and David Wright present electronic music in the classic melodic space music style. Infectious rhythms, glorious themes and loads of atmosphere, all imbued by a strong sense of the three individual musicians. But more importantly the music is expertly disciplined to present a strong sense of the collective 'Trinity'. Featuring stunning new takes on classic tracks from the extensive back catalogue of all three musicians, plus the awesome new collaborative title track, this is electronic music to savour and enjoy!
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