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adonis_blue adonis_blue

1 EP available
on Percepolis

adonis_blue, consisting of Azlan Razif, was formed in 2006. adonis_blue composes romantic instrumental music for the synthesizer from a fusion of melodic ambient, Berlin electronica, progressive rock, and disco. Anecdotally, adonis_blue builds on the confluence of factors: Musical Instrument Digital Interface, FM synthesis, the workstation, VA synthesis, the economies of scale. And a fascination of the synthesizer.

Typical of electronica and progressive rock genres are lengthy tracks comprising the concept album. adonis_blue's debut EP, "i For Other" (2007), is themed on the imagination of the Other, the concept of self defined by its anti-thesis.
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Ambient Ashand Ambient Ashand

2 albums available
on Ambientlive

Ambient Ashand is a side-project of Cult of Ashand, where John and Steve
take on a much more mellow aspect, mixing laidback synths with ambient
guitar work to create huge soundscapes that you can fall into and drift away.
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Andrei Zaicev Andrei Zaicev

1 EP available
on Node3 Records

Andrei Zaicev was born in 1965, in Russia. He is doing professional music since 1990. The first release on radio was in 1994.

Andrei Zaicev previously released on U-NEQ Productions. He focuses on the production of electronic music, most particularly Ambient, Trance and Psychedelic oriented.

Now releasing a 5 tracks digital EP on Node3 Records, and yet another track on Node3's first VA CD to come out in 2009.
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Andy Pickford Andy Pickford

2 albums available
5 EPs available
on AD Music

Details to follow
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Ankh Ankh

1 album available
on Mind Tweakers Records

Ankh is an ambient, chillout producer from Lebanon, currently living in Montreal, Canada. Khaled aka Ankh produces amazing soundscapes and atmospheres.
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ansatheus ansatheus

9 albums available
on ansatheus

In the eighties i heard the album "Quichote Part I+II" from Tangerine Dream. What a great sound! Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk an many others are also great. My music is inspired by that sound.
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Aural Scenarios Aural Scenarios

2 albums available
on Russell Storey

Aural Scenarios are Russell storey and Simon Ellis who met via a mutual friend some years ago.As both own project studios and our meetings led to recordings the succesful results will be released as a continuing series.
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Awakenings Awakenings

30 albums available
on Ambientlive

The Awakenings series of compilations started in 2005 and new ones are usually released twice per year.
Here on MusicZeit we will have the Awakenings releases, but will also be bringing you special download-only albums, and of course "Best of" albums.
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