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Xenomorph by Andy Pickford Xenomorph
9 tracks

Running time: 1:07:19
Released: 02/1996

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Xenomorph was released on Ian Boddy's Something Else Records label in 1996 a year after the two musicians had collaborated on Symbiont. It's a typical mix of lush, soundtrack style music mixed with uplifting melodies and up-tempo, powerful rhythmic sections.
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Xtempora by Nemesis Xtempora
22 tracks

Running time: 2:22:48
Released: 06/2005

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Double Album
Disc 1: Tracks 1-12
Disc 2: Tracks 13-22

Shimmering tones, some being fairly melodic, mix together to form a tranquil beginning to Part One of the three-part title track. Little sequences start to bounce along on the back of some excellent body moving rhythms. Melodies can be heard lower in the mix but they form more of a supportive role to the syncopations rather than being a prominent feature. The Second Part is still rhythmic but calms things down a little before morphing into quite a groove with some absolutely gorgeous little space guitar licks. We surge into the final...
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Xtro by Xtro Xtro
9 tracks

Running time: 0:51:43
Released: 11/2008

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Xtro clearly know their electronic obvious influence would be early Human League, although the album covers a wide range of styles. Moving from eerie, slow tempo pieces like "Lonely" (which features a sample guaranteed to scare UK people brought up in the 1970's) and "Avenues & Spaceways" to floor fillers like "Reserva" and "Humanoid". An unusual choice of cover version (Andre Previn's "Executive Party") fits in nicely as does the sparse but evocative "Terra Firma" with it's Peacock cries and Tabla.
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XX by Electric Orange XX
4 tracks

Running time: 1:20:26
Released: 09/2012

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Brandnew studio album from Electric Orange. Only available as download from MusicZeit or on vinyl via the bands homepage.

Recorded 2011/2012
Mastered by EROC
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