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Vanguard 1 by Andy Pickford Vanguard 1
11 tracks

Running time: 1:10:09
Released: 10/2015

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‘Vanguard 1’ is the first major solo release by Andy Pickford since 2003 and a welcome return for the enigmatic UK synth maestro. As one of the most popular of the 1990’s UK ‘new wave’ of electronic music exponents, Andy Pickford’s music is characterised by strong rhythms and sequences, and above all, melodies and themes to die for!
To state that this album is a ‘stunning return’ would be a huge understatement – ‘Vanguard 1’ is mind blowing – a selection of 11 dynamic and expertly constructed, interlinked tracks that power into the senses like a juggernaut. Full of ideas and...
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Vanguard 2 by Andy Pickford Vanguard 2
10 tracks

Running time: 1:11:01
Released: 07/2016

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The second in the ’Vanguard’ trilogy, ’Vanguard 2’ continues Andy Pickford’s vision of pulsating and melodic electronica. The music effortlessly crosses the boundaries between traditional electronic music and contemporary electronica and downtempo chill out music.
‘Vanguard 2’ is chockablock full of compelling creativity, presenting a selection of 10 superbly constructed, interlinked tracks, all characterised by strong rhythms, sequences and terrific melodies.
As you would expect, the music is very melodic, and Andy Pickford again shows a maturity that builds on his considerable musical expertise, expanding his musical style, rather than simply emulating past glories, without ever losing sight of his EM roots.
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Velocity by Magnetron Velocity
4 tracks

Running time: 1:12:43
Released: 04/2015

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Velocity Parts 1-3 Recorded live at Awakenings 26th April 2014

Kinematics recorded March 2014

Steve Humphries: Digital Synths, P3 Sequencer

Xan Alexander : Analogue & Digital Synths, Sequencers, Eurorack Modular

Live Photo by Phil Booth

Special thanks to John Sherwood
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Virtual Horizons by Graham Getty Virtual Horizons
9 tracks

Running time: 1:19:04
Released: 02/1992

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Yamaha SY77
Alesis SR16
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Virtual Minds by Uwe Reckzeh Virtual Minds
7 tracks

Running time: 1:18:23
Released: 10/2013

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Strong melodies and sequences were and are the hallmark of Uwe Reckzeh's albums. This tradition of the "masters" continued on his latest album "Virtual Minds". He manages to build up like no other, simply beautiful arcs of tension in his plays one more time. You never know exactly what happened and what the same phrase is to take a piece. This mystery Reckzeh missed the right paint: Always new, but also known sounds he mixes well dosed with synthetic effects and thus generates new atmospheres in no time. In "Virtual Minds" He also leaves room for a short improvisations that...
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Voices of Cissbury Ring by nachtricht Voices of Cissbury Ring
1 tracks

Running time: 1:18:32
Released: 06/2005

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A single CD length EM track following the sounds of the theoretical history of the Cissbury Ring ancient site in Sussex, England, incorporating the lives, loves, battles and deaths of people, children and even some animals who would have lived through the eons in that place deep in the countryside - a very different kind of space.
'a wonderfully evocative and engrossing composition . . . a haunting backdrop to your own imagination . . . hinting towards Ashra or possibly Schulze . . . ' Dave Griffith AUDION 55
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Voltage Sessions by E-Tiefengrund Voltage Sessions
4 tracks

Running time: 1:10:42
Released: 06/2013

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SynGate TI01

Voltage Sessions are live jam sessions in the Tiefengrund- studio with mainly analogue modular synthesizers.

Recording happens absolutely live with 8 or 16 step sequencers, no overdubs are being used. Mixing is realtime during the session. The result is a stereo-track that can be mastered finally.

Of course those recording sessions are a result of developing, the synth sounds have been tested and and played during rehearsal sessions before, as well as the sequences, that have already been programmed.

You could compare this with the prparation of a long trip, a journey to far and unexplored countries, you plan...
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Volume 2 (Hampshire Jam 8) by Pollard / Daniel / Booth Volume 2 (Hampshire Jam 8)
5 tracks

Running time: 1:13:24
Released: 01/2010

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Oceans of mellotron.

Walls of modular.

The epic Pollard / Daniel / Booth / Ramsey / FSP concert from Hampshire Jam 8.
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Volume 3 by Pollard / Daniel / Booth Volume 3
3 tracks

Running time: 1:17:22
Released: 06/2010

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A multi-track recording of the concert played at E-Live last year.

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Volume 4 by Pollard / Daniel / Booth Volume 4
3 tracks

Running time: 1:14:14
Released: 06/2010

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Rehearsal session recordings for the Awakenings concert.
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