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Underworld by Robert Fox Underworld
13 tracks

Running time: 1:07:10
Released: 11/2002

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Underworld is a darker musical journey than his previous outings. But that doesn't prevent his emotional and anthemic style shining through. Indeed, with minimalist passages also in evidence, this is an innovative and adventurous album worthy of the praise it has received.

"Underworld' is a breath of fresh air and a strong contender for album of the year." - Synth Music Direct, UK.

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Unforgiven Machine by 23Fish Unforgiven Machine
4 tracks

Running time: 1:17:35
Released: 07/2010

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If you think of an album along the lines of an even more intense version of ‘In This Moment in this Place’ accompanied by the most wonderfully understated electric guitar courtesy of David Paredes you will not be too far off the mark. ‘Nightwatchers’ starts with electronic effects of what sounds like some sort of alien craft taking off. A warning siren cries out. Little guitar licks quiten things down and sooth the nerves. Two excellent sequences break through, one heavy while the other high register and percussive. They mutate wonderfully gaining more oomph all the time while subtle melodies...
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Universal Flow by Faber Universal Flow
8 tracks

Running time: 0:50:03
Released: 10/2013

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Real masterpieces of music always leave the handwriting of the artist. The musician Roland Schmidt who lives in Lübeck, Germany, achieved this already with his debut album. Now, five albums later, the tradition is being continued with “Universal Flow”. It sounds like Faber instantly. The musician adventures sound technical experiments and interrupts his album with different moods which only unfold in combination with traditional electronic music. Catchy melody patterns repeat unremarkably during the runtime of the album and fuse all together. Faber’s music hopefully never grows up which is fully appreciated.
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Universal Quiet by Rene van der Wouden Universal Quiet
5 tracks

Running time: 0:58:57
Released: 01/2008

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All music composed, arranged, performed and produced by Rene van der Wouden at the Miniminus Studio from October 2007 to December 2008.

Recorded and mixed in Logic Pro 8 and mastering with Pro Tools 7LE and BIAS Peak 5

Instruments: Korg T3, Korg Trinity V3, Roland AlphaJuno 2, Kurzweil K2500, E-MU E5000ultra sampler, Crumar BIT99, AKAI AX73 analogue synthesizer and Yamaha SY77.

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Universe by Magnetica Universe
7 tracks

Running time: 0:38:00
Released: 12/2008

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Node3 Records is proud to present its fifth EP, by Magnetica from Venezuela.

Magnetica is the fusion of two producers from the Venezuelan electronic music scene, Daniela Peña aka Veda and Daniel González aka Biosampler, also known as DarkOhm. Together, they have more than 10 years of experience on the local and international scene.

Universe EP ought to transport you into their musical journey mixing different musical tendencies from their past musical background as well as from the various new tendencies worldwide (ambient, electro, IDM, new wave, trip hop) in order to provide you with a very eclectic and unique sound.

Enjoy the...
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unnatural light by Uwe Reckzeh unnatural light
9 tracks

Running time: 1:00:46
Released: 08/2009

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On his seventh album Uwe Reckzeh again shows in an impressive manner, how Electronic Music can sound in the 21st century. More than two years the master has worked on his songs and once more created unique masterpieces who can easily cope with the big EM productions. Experimental parts are missing. More than that, Uweís complex-hypnotic sequencer lines and catchy melodies fascinate. Besides traditional elements Uwe refreshes his music with modern sounds, but hides them somehow timid in the background. The theme of this CD is light with all its related associations like warmth, speed and energy. The music immediately...
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unterwasser by Electric Orange unterwasser
11 tracks

Running time: 2:36:57
Released: 07/2002

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Live recording of the Electric Orange concert at the Manikin-Records 10 year Anniversary Festival in Bad Sulza (this was a 48 hour non-stop event).
Electric Orange played 2 sets (each 2 hours) on the 6th of April 2002. One early in the morning and another one late at night.
Contrary to any other Electric Orange albums, this was only a 2 member electronic performance using analogue synthesizers, organ, guitar, vocoder, sequencer, tapes and sampler (no computers).
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Unwound by Ian Boddy & Markus Reuter Unwound
7 tracks

Running time: 0:55:16
Released: 01/2010

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Ian Boddy & Markus Reuter

In September 2009 Ian Boddy & Markus Reuter released their third DiN collaboration Dervish (DiN33) which proved to be their most adventurous and experimental release to date. Pushing the envelope sonically from what many might have expected from these two talented but very different musicians they employed a wide range of guest musicians to create an incredible mix of tone colours. Pat Mastelotto the current drummer with King Crimson featured on four of the tracks whilst a combination of string quartet and recorders added to the unusual instrumentation on display on Dervish.

The inspiration for this album...
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Upon Us by Lost Radiance Upon Us
11 tracks

Running time: 1:29:13
Released: 07/2014

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Record: 2014 • Edition: 2014 • USC-WR-1407.0210

Look around - and you will see the endless majesty of cosmos, a myriad of stars, whose light goes hundreds, thousands, millions and billions years. What keeps us from reaching them? Damned relativity! But there is a way to overcome it! In the beginning there were only thoughts, concepts. Alcubierre drive, Krasnikov tube. There only one challenge remains: generation of matter with negative density of energy - and forward, to the stars! There, where new life, new intelligence, new destination await! So far, these are only dreams... It is necessary to develop a theory....
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Urban Decay by Gert Emmens & Ruud Heij Urban Decay
6 tracks

Running time: 1:08:26
Released: 12/2014

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The completely reworked studio version of 6 of the 7 tracks that Emmens&Heij played on E-Live, the 27th October 2012. After the full ambient release "Signs", the sequencers are now back, and at full throttle.
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