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Ten by Wellenfeld Ten
8 tracks

Running time: 1:06:23
Released: 05/2017

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“Ten” is the 10th album from Wellenfeld within 13 years. So the title is explained. In 2004 Andreas Braun & Detlef Dominiczak started making their own style of Electronic Music. Over the years the Wellenfeld-sound changed from dark electronic to symphonic opus, to some warm and relaxing beachmusic and finally back to the pure electronic style. Although the last 9 albums were different and evolving, You could ever identify that it was Wellenfeld.

The new album “Ten” was first planned for 2016 but the artists decided to take more time to implant a different and new feel. And it was worth....
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The Big Bang by Wellenfeld The Big Bang
10 tracks

Running time: 1:06:59
Released: 10/2011

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With their sixth album, Wellenfeld approach the beginning of everything: the Big Bang. Musically the duo enter known ways, but they packed it hidden in a subtle new sound. Another musical root of Wellenfeld´s past comes to the fore: EBM, New Beat and Teutonic Beats.
This danceable, electronic dream music from the late 80s, was the pioneer for the later emergence of Techno. On "The Big Bang", all these styles wree mixed together to a new musical experience. Andreas Detlef Braun and Dominizcak do not disclaim once more their typical floating melodies and pack them togehter to a timeless concept album....
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The Galileo Suite by HyperEx Machina The Galileo Suite
9 tracks

Running time: 1:00:07
Released: 07/2008

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A suite of tracks dedicated to the life and work of Galileo Galilei (1564-1642).
Most of these tracks consist of two live parts, one a Roland MC-307, the other a microKorg.
These were recorded, layered and mixed at Beergut studios.

Tracks ....
1. Io 5:54
2. Europa 9:16
3. Gannymede 8:40
4. Callisto 5:19
5. Sunspots 13:19
6. Proving the Copernican System 5:01
7. De Motu 5:15
8. The Little Balance 3:07
9. Heretic 4:16


The artwork for this album is designed to fit a portrait half-height dvd case, but is easily resized to fit a standard jewel case (they are...
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The Manifest by Methodic Marble The Manifest
3 tracks

Running time: 0:27:52
Released: 04/2009

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Shooting like a bat out of hell, comes this fresh new project filled with creativity and chaos. We are very pleased to announce this release and very much think you will enjoy it. The EP will feature three tracks of raging dance music catered for the freaks of any space. This music is a powerhouse explosion to the senses and the psyche. Also be on the lookout for Methodic Marble's release with us on the Double Disc "NOKTURNAL WONDERLAND" compilation coming in 2009. We are preparing for a whole new load of things this year, and can't wait to share...
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The Signal to Offworld by Intelligentsia (CD-Single) The Signal to Offworld
6 tracks

Running time: 0:33:08
Released: 08/2009

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A unique one-off CD-Single (now MAXI mp3 album) from the album "FEDERATION". Including the specially created super extended remix of "OFF WORLD". Also featured here for the first time, are 3 bonus tracks: the great "Club Mix" of the "Signal", the "Europe live Mix" from gigs in Belgium and the Netherlands, and a dance remix from Marcorporation (Marco Van Der Hoorn), Netherlands.
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The Wave by moonbooter The Wave
13 tracks

Running time: 1:18:04
Released: 09/2015

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"The Wave" is the new album (2015) of the musician, music producer and label maker Bernd Scholl aka moonbooter. „I started this year [nbsp]with a 4-month musical break. This was very unusual for me, but retrospectively a very good decision. [nbsp]I consumed much different music at that time. Eventually the moment came to start working on the next album. I decided this time not to use any theme that would have restricted me too much. There was only the consequent restriction to use only hardware synthesizers to produce the album. "
The result is fantastic electronic music with songs of different...
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Timestorm by Peter Tedstone Timestorm
5 tracks

Running time: 1:09:34
Released: 11/2007

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This is the second in Peter's "Time" series of Berlin School albums.
All three are available here on MusicZeit.
Read the reviews for an idea of what it's like, Berlin School and some.

Review by Davis Law

His last album 'Timeslip' proved very popular with SMD customers so I am delighted that we can now offer you what I assume is the follow up - and a real cracker it is too. A lovely little flutey melody floats above some excellent windy sounds creating quite a peaceful setting for the short intro 'Twilight'. Things turn a little darker for 'Monoceros'. Ominous drones provide...
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TranceAD by Various Artists TranceAD
12 tracks

Running time: 1:13:37
Released: 04/2009

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Featuring dance, trance and chill-out re mixes of classic tracks from the cream of AD Music.

All the new mixes retain the musical ideals of the originals adding a new drive and edge.

"Trance AD - The Remixes shines as such a rare gem. It's very exciting to listen to something so bold in its approach to redefining the boundaries! It has all the markings of a timeless classic." - from In the Mix review.
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