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Shadowmath by Fateless Flows Collective Shadowmath
18 tracks

Running time: 1:12:29
Released: 02/2005

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Shadowmath is the second complilation album from the Los Angeles based Fateless Flows Collective. Artists included on this release are Indicia, Appogee, Kathie Talbot, Dream Electric, Tripform, The Luxury Tax, Zygote, Surface 10 Activity, Constant Flux, Mr.Soon, Niture, Vic Hennegan & Subversive Element.
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silky strings (hommage to the Hohner / Logan String Melody II ) by trouby silky strings (hommage to the Hohner / Logan String Melody II )
12 tracks

Running time: 0:42:43
Released: 09/2008

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Silky Strings is a hommage to a very special keyboard from the 70s – the string ensemble by Hohner / Logan String Melody II. It's lush, warm and silky sound creates a slightly exhilarating listening experience. Style goes from dark ambient over new age to melodic trance. Besides to the main actor were virtual-analogue VSTi's and analogue beatboxes.

i played the logan melodies twice for each channel to get a stereo effect.
flac is inthemix.
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Slow Burn by HyperEx Machina Slow Burn
7 tracks

Running time: 1:14:30
Released: 07/2008

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Contains the extended 5-part title track, a masterpiece of the Ambient genre, gradually increasing in intensity through the 5 parts, taking in sequences, and eventually finishing with a guitar blow-out in the final part.
'Midnight Remembered' is a re-make of a classic HyperEx Machina track from way back, and the album is rounded out with the bonus track 'Underture'

Tracks ....
1 to 5. Slowburn
- Part 001 14:07
- Part 010 11:51
- Part 011 12:57
- Part 101 9:11
- Part 101 9:55
2. Midnight Remembered 11:20
3. Underture 5:09

"The terror that we feel in our souls
At the realisation of our own mortality
Fades into sunrise
Only midnight remembers
The slow...
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Social Psychopath Audiobook by Plankton Social Psychopath Audiobook
3 tracks

Running time: 0:19:09
Released: 06/2009

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Pleiadian Records proudly presents the long awaited EP by one of Mexico's groundbreaking dark psy producers:

Miguel Puig aka Waky Yaki & Alex Urias from Audiopathik are the names behind this mind blowing psychedelic trance act known as Plankton.

This is darkpsy at its best! ... Plankton's sound is notable by their gut ripping synths, full tribal percussion, supreme atmospheres and their exceptional bass lines.

Follow these three chapters on "The Social Psychopath Audiobook" and submerge yourself on these intriguing sound waves.

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Spaceseed by Faber Spaceseed
11 tracks

Running time: 1:04:18
Released: 09/2009

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With his second album "Spaceseed" Faber ties in with his style he impressively presented on his first album "Spacefish". Although "Spaceseed" appears more technoid and versatile. Mr. Schmidt successfully created an interesting symbiosis: songs, that initially sound like electronical sounds of power-generating band-legends, mutate to Faber's own sound-sphere after some minuted. I would like to describe "Spaceseed" as diversified, well produced space-album that offers, besides catchy
melodies the musical development of the artists. Recommended to all open minded friends of traditional EM...
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Streamlined by Ricky Nowa vs The Deepsense Streamlined
4 tracks

Running time: 0:24:41
Released: 03/2009

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PILLS032. Prozak Records presents Ricky Nowa vs DeepSense - Streamlined EP (PILLS032) 2009 featuring remixes from Pep Bago and Kali.
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Sundances EP by Yorky Sundances EP
4 tracks

Running time: 0:16:56
Released: 06/2012

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Four storming tracks to fill your dancefloor. Really.
A bit more upbeat than the ‘traditional’ Yorky.
A lot more, actually.

Tracks ...
1. Dance in the Sun 4:11
2. Temple of the Sun 2:56
3. Touch the Sun 4:22
4. Sun Dance in Blue 5:27

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Sunrider by Ian C Sunrider
11 tracks

Running time: 0:48:24
Released: 11/2013

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The second of the two albums released in November 2013 by UK producer, Ian C. All tracks written between June and November 2013 and have a completely different feel to those on 'Into Perspective'. This time the tracks are heavily influenced by Balaeric trance shorter more structured and uplifting compositions.
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Syntax by Dub Atomica Syntax
9 tracks

Running time: 1:06:03
Released: 02/2008

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Dub Atomica are a collaboration between Ian Boddy, DiN label boss, and beats-master Nigel Mullaney. Their workouts are expansive, both in length & breadth. Dubwise vibes provide the cohesive thread through which you pass icy moodiness, minimalist futurist ethnicity, lilting hip hop, and mutating, phased ambience. Their original release on DiN, Autonomic (DiN4) released in 1999 is now sold out. The duo always intended a follow up to this very well recieved album but various work commitments always seemed to conspire against this. However Mullaney did appear with Boddy & Markus Reuter on stage for the performance that was released...
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