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Pandemie by Wellenfeld Pandemie
19 tracks

Running time: 1:00:04
Released: 10/2013

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With her latest album devote two Ruhrpottler Andreas Braun and Detlef Dominiczak aka Wellenfeld a very somber subject: the pandemic, a worldwide spread of a contagious disease and probably one of the most likely end-disaster for humanity. Suitable for the somewhat harder diet buy both their music and a good dose of new especially orchestral sounds. In the style and tastefully packaged by Hollywood, gets the typical sound wave field a completely new and fresh note. This sound is infectious, goes into the ear and fits perfectly with the theme of the album. And on the wonderful yet terrifying way.

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Phase 5 by Wellenfeld Phase 5
11 tracks

Running time: 1:13:57
Released: 05/2010

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Phase V is, as one can guess from the title, already the fifth album of the electronic-duo Wellenfeld. In the last two years Detlef Dominiczak and Andreas Braun worked on their typical and unique Wellenfeld sound and finally brought it to perfection with their latest album “Phase V”.
Intentionally they analyzed their last albums with highest precision and created the logical essence. The result is a perfect symbiosis of Cosmic Waves, Fusion, Trip to Illusion and their album Sunshine. Wellenfeld do no reinvent themselves, well done!
Pulsating sequences, dreamy-catchy melodies and always a gentle rhythm alternate with predictable, hypnotic...
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Pictures by Faber Pictures
9 tracks

Running time: 0:55:07
Released: 10/2013

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This time, Roland Schmidt aka "Faber" with his new album "Pictures" something personal. Images from his past, the theme for his new album. Although he expresses his own interpretations and intentions do not always directly, so let this be guessed quickly. He did not renounce his own harmonies and styles, his music since his first album "Space Fish" featuring: Faber never exaggerates and lets his music is always the needed air to breathe. On skilful manner, he gives each song a completely different look which makes for plenty of variety when listening and just fun. Despite his musical soul always...
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Planets by Yorky Planets
7 tracks

Running time: 1:01:59
Released: 06/2012

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The trip is space, the power is dance, the feeling
is out there, the music is a voyage through the
soul of the planets.

Tracks ...
1. Mars 7:02
2. Venus 6:15
3. Neptune 9:12
4. Uranus 10:31
5. Saturn (the planet) 8:05
6. Saturn (the rings) 10:56
7. Jupiter 9:58

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Plurality Of Existences by Maktub Plurality Of Existences
4 tracks

Running time: 0:33:53
Released: 06/2009

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Mind Tweakers Records is proud to present its seventh EP by Maktub, known as Bernard Carvalho from Brazil. Also part of Ikpeng project with his brother Thadeu.
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Powerhouse by Adrian Beasley Powerhouse
5 tracks

Running time: 0:55:28
Released: 10/2007

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Never has a cover of an album been so misleading as to the music that it might contain. It is all rather arty and well' nice' even a little Jonn Serrieish but boy this is no pretty noodling album. Many styles are covered here but certainly none of then twee or pretty. The first track is split into two parts, 'Turbines' and 'Generator' and it must be said that the former will come as a shock, something to shake you from your pre-conceptions of what a solo album from an AirSculpture member will be like. It basically starts with a...
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