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Nightshade by Kubusschnitt Nightshade
5 tracks

Running time: 1:05:22
Released: 02/2006

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This is all new music, performed live at the NSC but it has been tarted up a little. Gurgling, watery atmospherics mix with spooky sounds- sort of like a mix between 'Aqua' and some of the darker bits from 'Sorcerer'. Soft deep melancholy flutey pads mix with little guitar licks. It's all so gentle and moody- hitting the spot perfectly. Echoing distorted speech leads us on to the Second Part. A sequence begins quite low in the mix, developing all the time, gradually getting louder and faster. The intensity builds wonderfully. The pulsations are supported by lush mellotron then a...
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Nightshade in Eden by Jim Kirkwood Nightshade in Eden
2 tracks

Running time: 1:02:12
Released: 11/2007

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In the distant and very murky past I did a cassette by this name. Actually, I had almost forgotten, it was Dave Law who reminded me. But I always liked the title so I reused it for this CD. The music is completely unrelated to the cassette version even though I retained the theme of environmental pollution. So,yes, just what the music scene needs, another artist banging on about the state of the environment. But, speaking for myself, we need to be occasionally reminded that the problems we have now are not going to go away. The quote I have...
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Nighttrain by Harald Nies Nighttrain
8 tracks

Running time: 1:06:27
Released: 10/2013

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With his 2013er album "Night Train" tells us that Harald Nies ride in a night train. It does not matter where you start and where you are heading. The journey is the destination. During this trip you will experience the silence of the night and Sille. Lights flitting over. It precedes. Thoughts blurred. Trapped in these worlds has no chance of sleep at first, until they give up but then the monotonous sound of the night train. This trip is about a one's own time and the rest "I" and think you know "that feels good to me." Take in...
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Nitrogen by Julian Garret Nitrogen
9 tracks

Running time: 0:50:23
Released: 10/2007

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Nitrogen is Julian Garret's tribute the the influences of his youth. Powerful sequencer lines intertwine with soaring leads and swirling pads. If you're a fan of classic electronic music, this is the album for you!
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No More Frontiers by Syndromeda No More Frontiers
5 tracks

Running time: 1:04:34
Released: 11/2013

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SynGate CD-R SS16

Syndromeda`s new album once more is very typically in its recognizable style.
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No Sense by Phrozenlight No Sense
4 tracks

Running time: 3:16:22
Released: 02/2009

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It is what you want to be that it is.

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Node 2 by Node Node 2
9 tracks

Running time: 1:13:05
Released: 02/2014

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Synth supergroup Node return with their first new release since 1995! “Node 2” features three of the original members, maverick producer and sonic legend Flood, renowned producer and composer Ed Buller and classically trained Doctor of music Dave Bessell. The band are joined by new member, Hollywood composer Mel Wesson, who has most recently provided the soundscapes for Hans Zimmer’s run of blockbuster films. This extraordinary collective take time out from their high flying day jobs to indulge their secret passion for all things analogue. The result, “Node 2”, is the culmination of two recording sessions that took place...
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North Landing by Ian C North Landing
18 tracks

Running time: 1:35:37
Released: 03/2013

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North Landing is the 6th album from UK electronic music producer, Ian C. This album was recorded between August 2011 and March 2013.

This album available for download is the Deluxe Edition version and features four additional bonus tracks exclusive to Musiczeit customers.

Ian C's trademark dance, trance and electronic upbeat sounds feature throughout. This album showcases a more diverse range to Ian's sounds: "1975" is a tribute to the Berlin School sound and should appeal to any fan of this genre whilst Desperado is a tongue-in-cheek dance/latin american medley. Something for everyone on this album.

As usual, all proceeds...
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Nostalgia by Gert Blokzijl Nostalgia
3 tracks

Running time: 1:12:11
Released: 03/2014

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Memories of the past in terms of electronic music.
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Now Or Never by Cobra Zeno Now Or Never
13 tracks

Running time: 0:50:43
Released: 02/2016

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Now Or Never is the first album from Cobra Zeno, and contains a rich blend of melodic electronica with a retro vibe. There is a mixture of styles on offer - from upbeat synth-rock to more ambient semi-acoustic tracks...
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