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Mental Tubes by Phrozenlight Mental Tubes
8 tracks

Running time: 3:54:47
Released: 03/2010

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almost 4 hours of experimental "berlin-school" based spacemusic.

almost no overdubs, recorded as played.
no cleaning up etc.
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Meridian by Paul Sills Meridian
10 tracks

Running time: 1:06:52
Released: 03/2013

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'Meridian' is an accomplished work that finds Paul bridging the new age/melodic electronic music divide with some style. The music is thematic and very melodic, combining synths, occasional vocal textures, sweeping effects, acoustic instruments and percussion, all underpinned by big pads and strings. Paul's music is full of depth and moody emotion and contains a richness and warmth that makes it instantly appealing and memorable.
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Message by Glenn Message
10 tracks

Running time: 0:43:40
Released: 09/2009

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Glenn received a lot of good reviews for his first album and he decided to continue and make the sequel "Message" which came out in 2009. This remains an evocative record, with masterpieces such as "Message to Poland" and "Message to Spain". Glenn is in the process of establishing himself as Scandinavia's leading composer of its kind. The press have opened their eyes for Glenn and his music is praised in the clouds. Jean Michel Jarre's own fanclub boasts the music of Glenn, something that excited him very much.

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Metagalactica by Intelligentsia Metagalactica
1 tracks

Running time: 0:59:59
Released: 12/2014

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A one hour Ambient 18 track trip through deep space, surreal soundscapes and film score. Featuring new music, unreleased tracks and alternative mixes of past works merged into one mega mix of spaced out electronica.

01 Heliocentric
02 Time Capsule
03 Hypersleep
04 Earthrise
05 Dark Star
06 Communication
07 Prometheus
08 Civilization 42
09 Noeticus
10 Type Zero
11 Apparition
12 Yamato
13 The Black Hole
14 Monolith
15 Orbit
16 Starseed
17 Event Horizon (Wormhole)
18 At the End of Time
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metalsphere - biospheres vol.3 by Pete Farn metalsphere - biospheres vol.3
3 tracks

Running time: 1:06:53
Released: 10/2013

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syngate luna pf12

composed and performed 2009 by peter schaefer
produced 2013 by farn - artwork by peter schaefer

metalsphere is „electronic“ music, but produced with only one
acoustic instrument – a cymbal thanks digital soundprocessing
and editing with the computer

metalsphere is part three of "biospheres", vol.1 "schwebewald", vol.2 "cryptids" and vol.3 "metalsphere"
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Metamorphosis by VOISPECTRA Metamorphosis
10 tracks

Running time: 0:53:16
Released: 01/2009

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The "Metamorphosis" album released in 2009 features stunning electronica, ambient, sequenced and ethnic sonic elements of analog & digital gear which are combined in a unique manner by the mastermind Kursat Pasinlioglu. Strongly recommended for your ultimate sonic voyage!
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Metastasia by Odyssey Metastasia
4 tracks

Running time: 1:19:48
Released: 08/2010

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1st studio album by Odyssey
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Method To My Madness by Astromill Method To My Madness
10 tracks

Running time: 0:53:16
Released: 05/2006

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"I'm a big fan of synthpop...What transcends this album to greatness is the way many of the tracks burrow into the brain and take up residence. I've played this CD more than 90% of the stuff I heard in 2006...Yes, it's that good! Buy without hesitation."

GRAHAM GETTY / SynthMusicDirect

This is the latest dynamic offering from U.S.born electro-pop virtuoso,Sheryl McMillan.Bringing together her best works to date.This is space aged music of an exceptional vocalist & songwriter.The futuristic audio palette covers the whole era of synthesizers & electronic percussion,from the early analogs,to the latest digital plug-ins.This is music of the future- a...
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Microscopic Point Of View by R-Tur Microscopic Point Of View
4 tracks

Running time: 0:34:48
Released: 11/2008

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Mind Tweakers proudly announce its first ambient / Chill out release: R-Tur also known as Artur-Mihai Grila, a very well talented producer from Romania. In this release, Artur bring to us a strong psychedelic music using ambiences totally influenced by very well composed melodies that want to explain us how to use our minds to construct moments of solution to nearest problems we have in mind.
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Midnight by Mark Dorricott & Stan Dart Midnight
10 tracks

Running time: 1:14:06
Released: 02/2016

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SynGate Wave SD01

Track titles like „Deckard´s Dream“ refer to the influence of the Bladerunner soundtrack offering as well some really fat orchestral soundscapes as the repeating piano vanishing into the background. But despite this influences „Midnight“ is no other copy of the Bladerunner soundscape but more a kind of forward projection of the story on a sound-based level. Put up your headphones to a dynamic level and close your eyes - the imagination of Bladerunners atmosphere will happen automatically

All music written, mixed and produced by Mark Doricott & Stan Dart © 2016
Vocals on "Memories of Tomorrow" by Ms King...
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