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Mark Rothko (longform) 3CD by John Sherwood Mark Rothko (longform) 3CD
3 tracks

Running time: 3:29:42
Released: 04/2012

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"Mark Rothko" is a series of ambient impressions that his pictures created.
Huge soundscapes making well over 3 hours of material.

CD1 - No 46 69:56
CD2 - Saffron 68:30
CD3 - White Center 71:16

There's a physical version at
(AL transactions are separate to MZ of course)

Review coming soon

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Maroc by TM Solver Maroc
6 tracks

Running time: 1:12:39
Released: 10/2015

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SynGate TM09

Musical sceneries from a trip to Marocco - long tracks that reflect the colorful impressions of the wonderful landscape from the north via the Atlas mountain to the south

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Massive by Alien Nature Massive
8 tracks

Running time: 1:15:20
Released: 02/2010

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SynGate CD-R AN04

The theme of 'Massive', the musically successor of 'Contruction', are machines used in the heavy industry - rusty and oily.
The perfect distillation of the classic Teutonic Electronic sound. The tracks begin with waves of synthetics unfolding, sequencer slowly filtering into the mix, and then long, undulating multi-layers of synthetic sound mutating from one cosmic, symphonic theme into the next. A cerebral listening trip extraordinaire.

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Materia Musica by Various - Materia Musica (2cd) Materia Musica
21 tracks

Running time: 2:37:55
Released: 04/2008

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Ajana Records is proud to announce the compilation Materia Musica. This time the journey continues with new tracks, a new concept and philosophy. Ajana is known for the quality in selecting the finest ambient, psy/chill out music, so this time we have the pleasure to hear exclusively 21 tracks split into two cd’s. We go further and deeper in what we achieved in the Magical Journey series and bringing new and fresh music from known and established artists such as Capsula, Chronos, Xerxes and many more accompied with new promising upcoming artists from all over the world.

Musically speaking the concept...
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Matter by Ashok Prema Matter
14 tracks

Running time: 0:51:47
Released: 11/2008

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A great fusion of atmospheric and melodic synths, sequences and lead guitar from the memorable Jodrell Bank concert of 2002. The gig received a lot of very positive "word of mouth" comments.

"A great live performance has produced a great live album that'll leave you well chilled out - and the balance between the two musicians is superb. Far and away Ashok's best work to date."
(Beyond EM)

"Another cracker from AD Music! Spacey in the "old school way", but the guitar work adds an extra dimension."
Paul Baker - ARFM
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Maya by Robert Fox Maya
9 tracks

Running time: 1:02:06
Released: 11/2005

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“Maya”, is his 11th solo album, and returns to the more thematic, Vangelis inspired soundscapes of his earlier works. Full of rich themes and textures, all the trademark elements are there to please existing fans.
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MC Square by Pete Farn MC Square
6 tracks

Running time: 1:01:32
Released: 11/2006

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SynGate CD-R PF02

The live project FARN was founded beginning of the eighties with the purpose to present electronic experimental music live. Till this day the project is continued by Peter Schaefer alias Pete Farn and is complemented with studio work. No matter whether in the studio or live on stage: Pete(r) FARN Schaefer is a sound experiment, is a sound architecture.
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Medusa by Alien Nature + TMA Medusa
9 tracks

Running time: 1:16:38
Released: 02/2009

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SynGate CD-R AT01

Die beiden Elektronikmusiker Wolfgang Barkowski, der unter dem Pseudonym Alien Nature seine Musik veröffentlicht und Torsten M. Abel, der seine Initialen als Projektnamen nutzt, haben mit der Anfang 2009 bei SynGate erschienenen CDR „Medusa“ ihre erste gemeinsame Veröffentlichung als Duo vorgelegt. Die beiden haben sich im Rahmen des Musikprojektes Ambient Circle, dabei handelt es sich um eine Gruppe von Elektronikmusikern, die sich im Ruhrgebiet zusammengeschlossen hat und bei regelmäßigen Treffen in Sessions zusammenspielen, getroffen und schnell gemerkt, dass sie musikalisch auf einer Wellenlänge liegen.
Die beiden machten einige Testsessions, in denen sie ihre Zusammenarbeit ausprobierten. Bei dieser Gelegenheit wurde...
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MELTdown by Code Indigo MELTdown
16 tracks

Running time: 1:16:05
Released: 04/2013

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Code Indigo is regarded as one of Europe’s premiere electronic music bands and with MELTdown, they've delivered an aptly named follow up to the 2007 release 'Chill' and it has already been described as “A majestic tour de force”.

Helmed by veteran UK synth maestro David Wright, co founder and sole survivor from the original 1994 line-up, and producer Dave Massey, the new look Code Indigo continues its own tradition of producing imaginative and thematic keyboard/guitar based chill-out music.

While comparisons have been made with instrumental ‘Pink Floyd’ and ‘Art of Noise’, the Code Indigo sound and style remains totally original, unique...
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Memorial Dreams by Frank Klare Memorial Dreams
10 tracks

Running time: 1:13:43
Released: 01/2003

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SynGate CD-R FK02

Wonderful classic sounds are found in abundance on Memorial Dreams. The brief “Memorial Dream 1” is vintage Jarre-like synth strings. Then we get into one of three excellent epic tracks in the 14- to 15-minute range, “Memorial Dream 2,” which blends swirling synths and piano. The piano playing is sparse, adding hints of melody and drama in just the right doses as Tangerine Dream used to do so well. Percussion arrives near the midway point as mellotron strings join in. A bit later a light bubbly sequence fades in and the track takes off. The variations in mood,...
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