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ma non troppo by Low Flows ma non troppo
6 tracks

Running time: 0:43:37
Released: 04/2013

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The titles are italian indications for music. Each one give the musical intention of the track, "but not too" : we are always on a rope stretched between several atmospheres and everyone can choose his way to listen to this music, carefully or as a soundscape.
Several synths and guitars was used.
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Magic Chaos by Various Artists Magic Chaos
4 tracks

Running time: 0:32:27
Released: 01/2009

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Mind Tweakers proudly announces Megiddo - Magic Chaos EP, featuring one versus track with Onionbrain. Megiddo is a progressive and dark psychedelic trance producer from Brazil. Using unusual influences from dark psytrance, Megiddo brought you here a fantastic dark progressive psychedelic EP release for you all to enjoy some fresh sound!
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Magnetic Deflection by Harald Nies Magnetic Deflection
9 tracks

Running time: 1:01:49
Released: 08/2009

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"Magnetic Deflection" is spacemusic as You will like it: pulsating sequences, soft rhytmic beats and in between Harald´s rockin´electronic guitar.
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Maisema by Michael Neil Maisema
8 tracks

Running time: 0:55:12
Released: 10/2008

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Maisema is the rather beautiful Finnish word for “landscape”, and it is not just the vast forested land, the multitude of lakes and the Arctic North, but also the city "scape" that has inspired my latest work.

From the opening, Thaw, with steady intermittent droplets of ice water suggesting the loosening grip of the long cold winter, the work progresses outwards from the Baltic city to the vast northern tundra. Ilmala is the location for the distinguishing landmark feature of the transmission tower that dominates the Helsinki skyline. The Scandinavian broadcast that opens the piece conveys the geographical location of...
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Manipulator by AntiMatterMan Manipulator
13 tracks

Running time: 1:04:26
Released: 11/2007

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Bombastic darkwave industrial beats from
the teutonic master of metal mayhem!

AntiMatterMan's debut album on Earth Academy Records features furious techno-trance beats spliced with metallic industrial chrome, and experimental ambient noise, voiced by the androgynous robotic tones of AntiMatterMan himself. This is a hardcore cybernetic experience, with an underlying Terminator style atmosphere, and futuristic landscapes. Definitely one for the Cyber-Goths and CyberDog crowd. Get out your glo-sticks and pump action droids.

Sometimes I ask myself:
Have we ever been human?
Do we have a soul that needs a body?
Do we finally need a body?
Aren't we just biomachines?

The Cyber-Genetic blood
in your Musical Headroom.

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Mantra Electronique by Leonardo Soundweaver Mantra Electronique
6 tracks

Running time: 0:43:38
Released: 10/2014

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Instrumental electronic music...
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Map Reference (Remastered) by Stephan Whitlan Map Reference (Remastered)
6 tracks

Running time: 1:13:37
Released: 06/1996

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Remastered by John Dyson, 2009.

The opening track is the epic ‘The second hand swept away the time that could never be recovered’, and at a touch over 20 minutes long this album wastes no time in presenting its credentials. In the previous review I describe it is as “one of the most infectiously brilliant tracks you are ever likely to hear” which I still think sums things up perfectly. Usually when presented with such an expansive piece the sequences and rhythms are the feature aspects, and indeed here the sequencing is truly wonderful with a melodic approach which Glyn Lloyd...
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march 2000 by radio massacre international march 2000
6 tracks

Running time: 1:13:53
Released: 11/2009

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the audience at the jodrell bank concerts of 2000 will remember that there was a boxed set available late that year, gathering together the best of the concert series. our contribution differed from the others in that we decided to add material from a concert we played two weeks later in the netherlands. in trying to decide which parts of the two concerts to include, I had them playing simultaneously in my audio-edit software. this was possible because we'd done more-or-less the same set on both occasions. the idea then came to us to leave the performances layered in various...
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Marilynmba by David Wright Marilynmba
6 tracks

Running time: 1:11:25
Released: 10/1991

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Popular early album of drifting electronic music featuring long, impressionistic tracks. Hints of T.D. and Schulze in parts but with a unique sound and style.

"This montage of simple melodies, symphonic electronics and spacey ethereal passages will linger in your mind long after the final chords have drifted into space" - CDS

"A very impressive album" - Dreamsword

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Mariner by Russell Storey Mariner
3 tracks

Running time: 1:09:39
Released: 10/2011

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Mariner is my 4th solo album and has 3 tracks with a water theme including the 40 mins epic nocturne.
many thanks for listening

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