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Manipulator by AntiMatterMan Manipulator
13 tracks

Running time: 1:04:26
Released: 11/2007

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Bombastic darkwave industrial beats from
the teutonic master of metal mayhem!

AntiMatterMan's debut album on Earth Academy Records features furious techno-trance beats spliced with metallic industrial chrome, and experimental ambient noise, voiced by the androgynous robotic tones of AntiMatterMan himself. This is a hardcore cybernetic experience, with an underlying Terminator style atmosphere, and futuristic landscapes. Definitely one for the Cyber-Goths and CyberDog crowd. Get out your glo-sticks and pump action droids.

Sometimes I ask myself:
Have we ever been human?
Do we have a soul that needs a body?
Do we finally need a body?
Aren't we just biomachines?

The Cyber-Genetic blood
in your Musical Headroom.

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Method To My Madness by Astromill Method To My Madness
10 tracks

Running time: 0:53:16
Released: 05/2006

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"I'm a big fan of synthpop...What transcends this album to greatness is the way many of the tracks burrow into the brain and take up residence. I've played this CD more than 90% of the stuff I heard in 2006...Yes, it's that good! Buy without hesitation."

GRAHAM GETTY / SynthMusicDirect

This is the latest dynamic offering from U.S.born electro-pop virtuoso,Sheryl McMillan.Bringing together her best works to date.This is space aged music of an exceptional vocalist & songwriter.The futuristic audio palette covers the whole era of synthesizers & electronic percussion,from the early analogs,to the latest digital plug-ins.This is music of the future- a...
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Mind Over Reality by Various Artists Mind Over Reality
7 tracks

Running time: 0:54:54
Released: 05/2009

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Warp Brain Records presents the label's first exclusive digital compilation, this compilation contains 7 tracks made by the most talented producers of modern Psytrance. "Mind Over Reality" will boost your adrenaline to peak.All the tracks represent the enthusiasm for releasing fresh tracks from the studio to the listener.Great choice for any DJ who wants to play quality in sound and production.For the fan, a great choice of tracks representing the scene of 2009.
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Enertopia vs Tangled Lysergic Puddles On Celestial Threads - Breaking Gravity   Play song

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