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In Concert by Code Indigo In Concert
18 tracks

Running time: 2:31:51
Released: 03/2009

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This stunning double album is already being hailed as the best Code Indigo work too date. Compiled from the groups live appearances in the UK and Europe between 2004 and 2006, culminating in the e-live festival in Holland and the UK Fisher Theatre appearance, "In Concert" is the definitive record of a band in perfect harmony, performing at the peak of their combined creative and musical talents.

"In Concert" has been lovingly compiled from digital 24 track recordings of each event and features reworked classics from the best selling album "For Whom the Bell", plus exquisite live versions of music from...
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In der Ferne by Pete Farn In der Ferne
6 tracks

Running time: 1:03:11
Released: 10/2009

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SynGate CD-R PF06

The idea for the "Tales From The Modular Zone" revealed itself through the use of an analog modular system: surreal worlds, the modular zone, tales, Synthosaurs, living music instruments...
Clear that even the "good old" analog sequenzer would be used. But with the hardware alone it is not done and the old electronic waters are brackish. But: are there any musicians managing to really create something new? It is more realistic to unite existing styles or different music worlds. Voila, a concept was born: Six pieces of music, born out of the "old electronic world" - that is classic...
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In Extremis by Michael Neil In Extremis
7 tracks

Running time: 0:52:17
Released: 03/2000

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‘Prelude’ takes us to those realms to which Michael has become famous - vast symphonic soundscapes as found on ‘Cornubia’. On this track however he is exploring the darker side of that style creating a deep brooding melancholy. ‘Tango’ is a rather short piece and is certainly a very inventive interpretation of the dance taking the traditional form but as if being heard in a restless dream. It reminded me a little of The Enid.

The title track and ‘Skias Onar Anthropos’ are just as moody as the opener. The massed strings swell then subside to silence only to build once...
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In Search of Silence by David Wright In Search of Silence
12 tracks

Running time: 1:19:07
Released: 11/2011

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David's 24th opus is an epic journey reflecting the ebb and flow of life, encapsulated in a diverse and coherent collection of musical soundscapes. In keeping with his very best journey style albums "In Search of Silence" offers a roller-coaster ride of emotions and styles. From the ethereal to the atmospheric, from the mellotron and sequencer dominated rhythmic to lounge chill out and ambient, David Wright really has pulled out all the stops on this one to present a stunning, expertly crafted 79 minute mammoth masterpiece.

To quote one well known UK reviewer "Make no mistake, 'In Search Of Silence' is...
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In Spirit by Ian C In Spirit
15 tracks

Running time: 1:10:16
Released: 01/2010

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In Spirit is the third album by UK producer and remixer, Ian C.

The album was composed in its entirety throughout 2009 and features 15 brand new tracks which combine TD inspired electronica with Balaeric dance and Ibiza chill-out influences.

All 15 tracks are previewed below but many full length songs can be heard on the Ian C Youtube channel and Reverbnation:

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In the Constellation of Kesil by ansatheus In the Constellation of Kesil
8 tracks

Running time: 1:05:20
Released: 05/2017

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Electronic music in the best tradition of the Berlin School.
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In the Deep Places of the World by Jim Kirkwood In the Deep Places of the World
5 tracks

Running time: 1:05:31
Released: 11/2005

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In the Deep Places of the World was inspired by a few of the darker themes within the writing of J.R.R Tolkien. It is easy to focus on the light and beauty of his works and forget the 'Shadow' growing in the east. Light and dark are bound together and indeed there is a little of each in the other. I have attempted in this fast paced album to restore some of that balance.

The Following is a review of this CD by SMD

For this album Jim returns to 'Middle Earth'. It is many a year since Kirkwood the Black's last...
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In The Distance by Arrocata In The Distance
6 tracks

Running time: 0:59:01
Released: 10/2006

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In the Distance

Living in the Sonoran Desert has been a constant source of inspiration for me. I have enjoyed its amazing scenery and respected its vast expanses of raw wilderness. I have also found some of its unique locations and ruins to be places full of mystery, intrigue and of course, the center of many Indian Legends.

Stories still circulate about this desert from long time residents, skilled adventurers and seasoned hikers alike. Many of these stories describe disturbingly similar occurrences of experiencing a sudden and inexplicable feeling of uneasiness, or the sensation of being...
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In This Moment, In This Place by Javi Canovas In This Moment, In This Place
1 tracks

Running time: 1:10:38
Released: 09/2009

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Fantastic new live album from this popular synthesist.
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In Vitro Tide by Surface 10 In Vitro Tide
9 tracks

Running time: 1:13:35
Released: 11/2000

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Dean De Benedictis, aka Surface 10, is a Southern California based composer / producer / performer / conceptual artist and electronic music pioneer. He utilizes his interests in a variety of musical styles and concepts ranging from experimental electronica to ambient, IDM to progressive jazz and beyond.

In 1996 Dean released his self titled debut CD on Hypnotic Records (a subsidiary of Cleopatra Records) under the alias SURFACE 10, gaining him recognition in the electronic ambient genre. Since then he has appeared on various Hypnotic compilations and tribute CDs. In 97 Dean then collaborated with George Sara of THC on another...
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