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Im Klangbad by Pete Farn Im Klangbad
7 tracks

Running time: 1:04:41
Released: 03/2010

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SynGate CD-R PF07

The idea for the "Tales From The Modular Zone" revealed itself through the use of an analog modular system: surreal worlds, the modular zone, tales, Synthosaurs, living music instruments...

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Images from a Parallel World by Richard Bone Images from a Parallel World
12 tracks

Running time: 1:07:34
Released: 04/2013

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Richard Bone is an enigmatic composer whose inventive musical style has gained many plaudits over the years and this superb album finds the artist in top form. 'Images from a Parallel World' contains creative instrumental music of the highest quality, music without boundaries that shifts with consummate ease from the eclectic and uniquely "Richard Bone' rhythmic styled musical soundscapes to the ethereal, ambient and electronic for which he is so well known. The 12 tracks cover vastly different moods yet remain cohesive as a 'whole' as he takes the listener on a hugely entertaining voyage through uniquely varied musical worlds....
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Imagination by Paul Stokes Imagination
6 tracks

Running time: 0:37:49
Released: 02/2007

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‘Imagination’- A well received album of New Age and Electronic Instrumental Orchestral works. An intense weaving of beautiful Melodic Themes with driving percussion yet set in beds of subtle strings at times-electronic or otherwise. Lie back and think of Outer Space…of Orion or Dark Matter! It’s your choice.
Conceived purely with Electronic Synth’s in studio, Paul Stokes breathes the life of his imagination into these tracks and you are taken on a visual journey which takes you through a breathtaking vista-some say at 14Min 49sec it’s a masterpiece of ‘Creation’-whatever it is, it is a joy to...
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Imagination by Gert Blokzijl Imagination
2 tracks

Running time: 1:09:18
Released: 02/2012

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Imagination Pictures Music by Foreign Spaces Imagination Pictures Music
10 tracks

Running time: 0:44:54
Released: 07/2001

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SynGate FSCD 2001

This is a retrospective covering tracks recorded between 1985 and 1989. For this album only the former of the usual FS duo Georg Reiter and Christian Feher are present, other artist include Stefan Ambs and Marcus Stahuber with others guesting on specific tracks.
The opener 'Birth' features some strong synth sounds with a heart-beat style backdrop. 'Planets I' is another strong piece, again with surging synth lines and unlike other FS pieces the sequences are simplistic and there as background effect rather than a significant feature - for me this is a shame because when FS hit the sequence...
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Imagine by Leonardo Soundweaver Imagine
8 tracks

Running time: 0:55:51
Released: 11/2010

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Driven by the desire to create electronic music that is rooted in the present. Ambient, Deephouse, Psychedelic Downtempo and Minimal influences....alongside the sounds I usually make, ofcourse...
It is mostly electronic, although there are some voices and the occasional electric guitar.
Imaginary Soundscapes, intricate rytmhs and beautiful melodies.

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Impasse by Javi Canovas Impasse
3 tracks

Running time: 1:02:13
Released: 06/2005

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The sound of a windswept coastline backed by undulating drones provides a rather 'visual' but also impressive start to 'Sun Radiating'. Things become more majestic with the introduction of an Organ. It's as if a fantastic landscape is being revealed before us as the dawn breaks.

A superb sequence surges forwards contrasted by ethereal mellotron and all of a sudden the whole track explodes from its tranquil beginnings. Nice thick lead lines add that little menace then another sequence, a little more melodic than the first, is brought into play. It acts more like another lead line actually giving extra...
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Impossible Geometries by AirSculpture Impossible Geometries
3 tracks

Running time: 0:52:47
Released: 06/1995

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Adrian Beasley, John Christian, Peter Ruczynski. Three guys from Reading. They like to improvise. That's all we need to know really.

'Floe' opens with a repetitive chord structure creating a dark, gloomy atmosphere. Synth riffs attempt to pierce the murk, but to no avail. Six minutes in and the clouds start to disperse. Anticipation is built carefully. The sequences arrive, and (in the words of Dave Law) "what a sequence"! Constantly shifting, constantly developing. At times an echoing pulse, at others a scything wall of sound. It dies momentarily, only to herald in another sequenced section. Well paced, superbly structured,...
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Impulse 2005 by Free System Projekt Impulse 2005
7 tracks

Running time: 1:11:38
Released: 02/2005

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What we have here is Free System Project's first ever album, when it was all down to Marcel Engels (Ruud Heij and Frank van der Wel not joining until the third album). It was recorded between June and August 1996. All the tracks are prefixed 'Impulse' and 'The Closening' features upbeat sequencing and genuinely strong melodic themes. The track lasts almost 10 minutes, the first 7 dominated by electronic rhythms and searing synths. Then the mood changes as poignant chords are overlaid by piano refrains underlining the versatility available here. 'The Nightmare' presents luscious synth pads before embarking on another...
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In Another Place by Jeff Greinke In Another Place
13 tracks

Running time: 0:54:53
Released: 05/1993

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"Jeff Greinke's environmental soundscapes are impressions of an inner space wholly different from that of any other electronic composer I can think of." OPTION

"Austere and a little forbidding.... Vaporous tonal chords drift apart to form denser, less penetrable shapes."

"Greinke's timbres... have that Eno lushness and diffuseness... it's a distancing, a patina of time and detachment. There's an air of desolation that blows through this." BOSTON ROCK
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