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i For Other by adonis_blue i For Other
2 tracks

Running time: 0:26:53
Released: 11/2007

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The debut EP was conceptualized, composed, arranged, performed, programmed, engineered by Azlan Razif April-June 2007 at the Athens Midipolis, Ohio. Synthesizers used: Alesis DMPro, Clavia Nord Rack 2X, Clavia Nord Rack 3, Roland U-220, Yamaha FS1R, Yamaha TX802, Yamaha CS6R, and Yamaha EX7.
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I Remain by The Glimmer Room I Remain
1 tracks

Running time: 0:41:57
Released: 04/2010

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Recorded through the summer and autumn of 2009 using more system based methods of composition first made popular by Brian Eno. This is the album where The Glimmer Room really made friends with the machines and gave them room to breath. Using a set up of complex loops that would work with and sometimes against each other as the basis for a lot of the parts before working on the more melodic layers of sound, makes this album throw up some truly serendipitous moments.
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I Wish I Made This Music Every Day by Lounasan I Wish I Made This Music Every Day
8 tracks

Running time: 1:15:18
Released: 05/2011

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On this album Lounasan dives very deep into eternal landscapes. It's a pure ambient album that takes you on a voyage, like a long everylasting train ride through empty and vast landscapes that seem to move on and on forever and ever. The muscial creation has been done over quite some time but the final input came from a long train ride to the artic circle in winter time. There, time seems to stop and live is very different. Temperature is low, the landscapes are vast and monotonous, silent and impressive. Cold and warm are both present on this musical...
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i-Dentity by REMY i-Dentity
5 tracks

Running time: 1:32:50
Released: 04/2011

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This album contains recordings of Remy’s performance at the 11th Ricochet Gathering, Berlin (Germany) on October 16th, 2010. During this concert, Remy played 60 minutes of music, of which “Destination: Berlin - part 1” and “Destination: Berlin - part 3” are unedited live recordings.
The basic track of “Destination: Berlin - part 2” was also performed live. However, Bill Fox’ appearance was decided on the very last moment before the performance, so due to technical reasons no multi-track recordings of his contribution were made. For this release, the track has been slightly re-edited and features newly recorded parts by Bill Fox.
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Icesteps by Glyn Lloyd-Jones Icesteps
2 tracks

Running time: 0:55:16
Released: 06/1989

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'Icesteps’ was first released on cassette in 1989, a year after Glyn’s fantastic ‘Ri’. Of the two, ‘Icesteps’ suffered most from “cassette syndrome”. Hiss, and a complete lack of dynamic extension particularly at the top end. Fans who have waited nigh on 20 years to hear this album properly can now do so. The sound quality is everything you will have hoped for.

I think I recall reading that part of the origins of ‘Icesteps’ was Glyn’s period in an unheated student flat in Edinburgh, the cold winter temperatures being a perfect setting for the glacial sound palette of ‘Icesteps’. It...
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Ici et Maintenant by Robert Rich Ici et Maintenant
19 tracks

Running time: 2:39:02
Released: 03/2009

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Live Archive Volume 1
Ici et Maintenant: Live in Paris, May 12 1989

From Robert's early Geometry and Rainforest period, with hours of previously unreleased music. Melodic sequencers with swift patterned keyboard improvisation, melting down into slow looping textures and flutes.

I tried to make the most out of very little during my 1989 European tour. This was my first chance to perform outside of North America, and few people knew my music. I had self-released my first three albums from 1981-1983. In 1984 Hans Fahlberg offered to release some of my music on his new label based in Sweden. At the time...
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If Shakespeare Had the Bomb by HyperEx Machina If Shakespeare Had the Bomb
4 tracks

Running time: 1:03:56
Released: 07/2008

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Now available at last this classic album from HyperEx Machina.
Includes the original version of 'Divine Flow with Cold Joy'
and the huge title track (just under half an hour long)

Tracks ...
1. Divine Flow with Cold Joy 9:23
2. If Shakespeare Had the Bomb 28:26
3. The Four Seasonings 17:46
4. Now Kubrick is Dead 8:21


The artwork for this album is designed to fit a portrait half-height dvd case, but is easily resized to fit a standard jewel case (they are almost the same size)


Sorry but this time there is no physical version available, so download only at the moment
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Igneo by Yio Igneo
29 tracks

Running time: 1:18:09
Released: 04/2009

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Blend of synthesizers and guitars, from hidden and dark to positive and serene moods.
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Ikons by Michael Neil Ikons
13 tracks

Running time: 1:00:38
Released: 06/1999

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This album shows a very different side to Michael's work. It is like nothing we have reviewed by him before. The tracks are grouped into two sections 'Ephemera' and 'Inscape'.

You might have heard the expression 'It is a game of two halves' - well this is an album of two radically different styles. The first, 'Ephemera' is really a collection of rather contemporary sounding Piano pieces. The music is stripped down to its most basic, completely uncluttered. Raw emotion I suppose. I assume (but am not certain) that the piano is a digital one but even if it is this...
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Illumina Tenebras by Perceptual Defence Illumina Tenebras
2 tracks

Running time: 1:10:14
Released: 10/2013

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syngate luna pd02

track 1 recorded live by perceptual defence at la scarzuola, montegabbione (italy)
the 22th june 2013 for the "illumina tenebras" butoh dance performance
about the life of st. francis of assisi.

track 2 recorded live by perceptual pefence at the sasso pinzuto necropolis,
tuscania (italy) the 6th july 2013 for the "tur vinum" non company butoh dance performance
about the ancient etruscan ritual of the symposium.
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