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Home Without The Journey by The Glimmer Room Home Without The Journey
3 tracks

Running time: 0:51:33
Released: 09/2008

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Home Without The Journey is the third studio album from The Glimmer Room. Two
and a half years in the making, this is the most complex and intricate album Andy
Condon has recorded to date. The title track moves through many delicate
movements in the twenty-eight minuets of the track, from the full and dense
moments we move into a tidal ambient landscapes and back again. It all ends up as a subtle sonic monument to all the lessons learned working on the first two Glimmer Room albums.
Carbon Statues the second track was recorded in a sleepless weekend after being left home alone. Again...
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Homophony by Traumklang Homophony
6 tracks

Running time: 1:04:59
Released: 12/2012

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SynGate CD-R TK24

Besides other fine analoque machines Traumklang aka Carola Zauchner (Kern) performed Homophony on her 1969 Farfisa. Two 30 minutes long suites with three parts each show the wide range of Berlin School of Electronic Music from deep bass leads via classic space music to some fun sounds.
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Horizons (Remixes) by Dreamerproject Horizons (Remixes)
5 tracks

Running time: 0:22:58
Released: 11/2016

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‘Horizons’ was one of the standout tracks on the 2014 Dreamerproject Chill Out EP ‘Visions’, a track so good that it wouldn’t have sounded out of place on Chris Franke’s Pacific Coast Highway!
On this new Dreamerproject EP ‘Horizons Remixes’ the track is remixed to great effect by Tigerforest, Noise Zoo, Spektralized and AD stablemate Glenn Main. The original version is also included.
Each Remixer adds his own particular personality to this beautiful track, making each version a distinctive vignette.
From the driving tones of Tigerforest through the delicate Glenn Main interpretation, the deep tones of Noise Zoo to the trancey Spekralized version,...
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Hovenstein - the castle in space by von Haulshoven Hovenstein - the castle in space
4 tracks

Running time: 1:11:49
Released: 09/2008

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SynGate CD-R 2139

'stone age sequences': electronic music with its roots in the seventies. In von Haulshoven's smokescreen studio full of smoking E-machines one after another composition is made wrapped in a fine cloud of andromeda nebula. There are no fashionable trends, hard sequences, 'in the face' effects and 'orbit strings' but old fashioned electronic music.
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Human by Gert Blokzijl Human
8 tracks

Running time: 1:16:42
Released: 11/2011

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Eight tracks with some Human touch.

Track 6 "ForYou" is specialy written for my lovely wife Jitske.
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Human Beings by Phrozenlight Human Beings
4 tracks

Running time: 2:23:16
Released: 09/2009

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imagine you are sitting in a room,
with walls all covered with faces,
all talking, shouting to you,
you do not understand them
but you life depends on it
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Humidity by Robert Rich Humidity
19 tracks

Running time: 3:03:53
Released: 12/2000

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Three live concerts on a three CD set, Humidity captures the trance-inducing intensity of Rich's dark ambient performances. Swirling abstract textures hover above deep throbbing tribal rhythms, while layered flutes and lap steel guitar blur against decomposed waves of rusting metal and shimmering light. This music merges harmonic sensibilities with Hermetic experimentalism, one of Rich's most uncompromising releases.
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Hunted by The Roswell Incident Hunted
3 tracks

Running time: 1:18:38
Released: 12/2013

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Second cd from The Roswell Incident. Top-notch Berliner Schule, or shall we say Ghent Schule since these guys are coming from Ghent and they create fat electronic carpets with awesome sequencers !

"Hunted", presented at the Belgium B-Wave Festival in December 2013, is the second chapter of the trilogy which started with "The Crash" in 2010.
While its cover is kept in the same style, its sonic narrative extends beautifully on the mysterious/darker-flavoured spheres, vibrant Berliner School sequencing and various vintage soloiing that marked the first one.
Once again, Koen and Jan Buytaert take the listener on a highly cinematic...
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Hunter Of Worlds by Ebia Hunter Of Worlds
10 tracks

Running time: 1:07:09
Released: 02/2009

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SynGate CD-R 2145

Upon learning that Jörg Bialinska aka ebia has done an album inspired by the great club-sound of the 80's played by Cyber People, Hypnosis, Koto, Proxyon, Rygar, Syntech and Laserdance, I was immediately eager to hear it.
Although I will be the first to admit that musicwise the 1980's were one of the most dreadful decades ever, I was still brought up with 80's music. As a result, I still have a soft spot towards some of the popular styles of that period, such as the "Spacesynth" (or Space Disco). There's nothing progressive or artsy-fartsy about this music, it's...
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Hydra by Alien Nature + TMA Hydra
5 tracks

Running time: 1:10:06
Released: 11/2010

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SynGate CD-R AT02

Im vergangenen Jahr sind die beiden Elektronikmusiker Wolfgang Barkowski aka Alien Nature und Torsten M. Abel, der seine Initialen als Projektnamen TMA nutzt, eine gemeinsame Kollaboration eingegangen. Erste Dokumentation dieser neuen Formation war das Debütalbum von Alien Nature + TMA unter dem Titel „Medusa“. Nun ist etwas mehr als ein Jahr vergangen und das zweite Werk liegt vor, das den Namen „Hydra“ trägt.
Agierten die beiden auf dem Vorgänger noch als reines Duo, so haben sie sich bei zwei der fünf Stücke Martin Rohleder hinzu geholt, der den Stücken durch seine E-Gitarre einen rockigeren Anstrich verleiht. Torsten hatte ja...
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