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fantastic music by Terje Winther fantastic music
3 tracks

Running time: 0:52:44
Released: 12/2010

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Terje Winther played a solo gig at the "Fantasy Festival" in the prehistoric city of Landa (in Forsand near Stavanger) on the west-coast of Norway on Saturday, July 14th, 2007. He performed a solo set in the Bronze age house. "Fantastic music - live at the fantasy festival" is a release of this live concert.

The "Fantasy Festival" is a culture festival during daytime and a music festival in the evening. All the concerts take place inside reconstructed buildings from about 1000 B.C. (Bronze age house) or 800 A.D. (Viking Guild Hall). The festival venue in itself is one of...
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fantasy in outer Landa   Play song

Farewell to Mount Fuji by Takla Makan Farewell to Mount Fuji
5 tracks

Running time: 0:50:17
Released: 06/2005

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Hailed by some as his best work to date. Another fantastic, melodic, sequenced masterpiece.

Remastered with full updated artwork.
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fast reflections by moonbooter fast reflections
11 tracks

Running time: 1:05:45
Released: 09/2009

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"fast reflections" is a sequel of my album "faster" from 2008. My second passion behind making challenging electronic music is producing intelligent dancemusic and the joy of remixing songs. So I again compiled the danceable, unreleased dance-tracks + some remixes + liveversions from my last concerts on this release.
Some of the trax on "fast reflections" like "desire for more" or "Where do You sleep tonight?" were on top of several underground dance charts over weeks. I am proud that I, born in 1971, can still inspire young people to dance to my music.
The trax on "fast reflections"...
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Fast Tracks by Galactic Anthems Fast Tracks
15 tracks

Running time: 1:19:41
Released: 09/2008

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Fast Tracks is a collection of 15 mid-to-up-tempo tunes spanning almost 20 years of recording. There's something from all of the Galactic Anthems CD's, one track from a pre-Galactic Anthems project called Atlas, and a bonus track from an upcoming release. Here's the track list:

1) Cloud Surfing (from Semper Fidelity)
2) Juggernaut (from Before The Drone)
3) One Last Mission (from Semper Fidelity)
4) Level 3 (from Before The Drone)
5) Far Away Places (from Before The Drone)
6) Confrontation in the Cave (from Semper Fidelity)
7) Orbital Bop (from Galactic Anthems)
8) Transmigration (from Subterranean Transit)
9) Tachyon Emissions (bonus track)
10) Orbital...
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Faster by moonbooter Faster
14 tracks

Running time: 1:16:58
Released: 03/2008

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moonbooter - Faster
After the production-period of a new album is finished, usually some tracks remain that either do not quite fit into the concept, are surplus or just emerged from some special mood. Those are mainly fast and danceable Club-Tracks, which, same as EM, are a part of my musical roots. In the last years I collected many of those songs, of which some achieved remarkable success in diverse dance charts and which have been played frequently on Sunshine-Live and other Dance-Radios. Requests for an official release of those tracks reached me time and again, and as some bootlegs were...
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illusion (live mix)   Play song

Fateless Flows Collective Volume 01 by Fateless Flows Collective Fateless Flows Collective Volume 01
17 tracks

Running time: 1:12:23
Released: 03/2003

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The First Fateless Flows Collective compilation album features tracks byNiture, Appogee, Surface 10, Mr. Soon, Cavestar, Luxury Tax, Consatnt Flux, Indicia & Subversive Element.
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Fear of the Emptiness Space by Perceptual Defence & Syndromeda Fear of the Emptiness Space
2 tracks

Running time: 1:05:54
Released: 03/2014

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syngate luna pdss01

PERCEPTUAL DEFENCE & SYNDROMEDA is a cooperation betwwen both of this artists from Rome (Italy) and Antwerp (Belgium)

"Fear of the Emptiness Space" is a remarkable album that matches the expectations of fans of both artists for their atmospheric character that is created by ambient, sequences and electronic soundimages.

This time the artists tried to express the consequences of an encounter with aliens. They warn us - could aliens just be as human, as we are...

The music expresses this tension vividly through two langtracks of each more than 30 minutes.
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The Spacewalk Program first Alien Encounter   Play song

Fears by REMY Fears
7 tracks

Running time: 1:13:09
Released: 10/2016

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Composed, performed and produced by Remy Stroomer.

Recorded and mixed at Exhibition of Dreams, IJmuiden, between June 2015 and September 2016.

Synthesizers, grand piano and guitar by Remy Stroomer.
Additional recordings:
Yamaha S6 grand piano in “Fear 3” recorded on July 31st, 2016. Special thanks to Kees Wesselius.
Violin on “Fear 6” performed by Irene Stroomer. Recorded on August 14th, 2016.

Mastered by Wouter Bessels, September 2016.
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Federation by Intelligentsia Federation
20 tracks

Running time: 1:09:45
Released: 05/2008

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Federation was the multi-electronica debut album from Intelligentsia. Mixed in Tokyo, released in 1998 on Champagne Lake Records, London, with Andy Pickford's Nemesis and Mark Shreeve's Collide.
This version of Federation has been exclusively edited and updated for the MusicZeit website.

REVIEW: "Grandiose, gradually building mini-masterpiece from the ever-so-slightly-potty Intelligentsia (Nice Spacesuits guys!)"

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Federation Remixed by Intelligentsia Federation Remixed
12 tracks

Running time: 1:11:16
Released: 09/2007

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An all new (released: 2007-2008) myriad of remixes, remasters, revamps & live material from Intelligentsia's earlier debut album "FEDERATION" (1997-1998) made over and during the past decade. Down-tempo ambient to up-tempo electronica, all with a space aged futurist edge. Live material recorded in Tokyo, Japan in early 2000.
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Planet Peace 2007   Play song

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