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Early Dreams by Sergey Kolesnikov Early Dreams
7 tracks

Running time: 0:49:28
Released: 08/2014

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Record: 2011-2012 • Edition: 2014 • USC-WR-1408.0212

Such a long history of mankind, numbering tens of millennia, is dappled with white specks of obscurity. We know only scattered episodes from life of the ancient ancestors, which they tried to transmit to next generations as much as possible. Great volume of knowledge is lost, destroyed or kept back by destructive progress, aiming to the future like an arrow without looking back, while the past is being covered by sands of time, and myths and legends come to surrogate invaluable traditions. We can only guess, how the ancient looked at natural phenomena, which...
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Earth Moving by Vanderson Earth Moving
2 tracks

Running time: 0:48:51
Released: 07/2009

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SynGate CD-R VN04

Earth Moving are two long concert parts from 2008 with a fine blend of TD-like sequencer music of the 80s. Highly recommended if you like albums like Logos.

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Earth Star by Russell Storey Earth Star
5 tracks

Running time: 1:09:39
Released: 01/2010

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Earth star is my 6th solo album and was initialy released on cassette in New Zealand and later released on cd.
It has 5 ambient/spacemusic tracks.
Thank you for listening.
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Earth Story by Temps Perdu? Earth Story
6 tracks

Running time: 1:03:58
Released: 12/2000

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"This year-2000 release from the Dusseldorf-based husband and wife team known as Temps Perdu? brings the full gamut of ethno-electro tribal ambient obsessions into play. It's like a flowing ride along a snaking river, where ethnic influenced electronic trance grooves come and go, as do a plethora of synth textures, organic sounds and instruments. Evidence of an earlier trip to the Timeroom, along with the influence of Jorge Reyes and Suspended Memories, is undeniable but this not clone zone music, as they feel it in their own way, and bring an evocative voice to the tribal gathering."

On "Earth...
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Earthbeats by Faber Earthbeats
12 tracks

Running time: 1:05:57
Released: 05/2016

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Fabers Idee von „Earthbeats“ war es, einmal aus dem Genre klassische „EM“ auszubrechen. Die 12 Songs auf Earthbeat bedienen sich der Klänge unseres Planeten Erde. Asiatisch, Amerikanisch, Orientalisch, Europäisch. Alles hat seinen Platz auf diesem Album. Trotzdem bleibt Faber seinem Sound und seinen ganz eigenen Melodielinien treu und zeigt uns auf interessant-musikalische Weise seinen ganz eigenen Blick auf unseren Heimatplaneten Erde.
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Earthcreator by Harald Nies Earthcreator
5 tracks

Running time: 1:03:47
Released: 02/2010

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With "Earth Creator" Harald Nies delievered his best album so far. Catchy synthesizer-melodies gently accompanied by electric guitar solos. So far only time not new. What is special about "Eartcreator" is that the musician do not add so much songs but they produced with longer play time. And that's good. Ideas are not just playing dead, but there are always identify new variants and facet. There are also some EM elements of the 80s and 90s flashing. In particular give brief ethnic elements "Earth Creator" a special atmosphere. In sum, the album is very relaxing and has a high daydream...
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Earthsky by Stephen Palmer Earthsky
4 tracks

Running time: 0:55:30
Released: 02/2013

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"Earthsky" evokes the lower and upper halves of our world. The music is split into four sections and lasts almost an hour in total. Using guitars only, the land beneath our feet is conjured up: electric and acoustic guitars, and bass, multi-tracked into mini-orchestras and heavily reverbed. The sky is brought to mind with massed ranks of mellotron (choir and strings), and vintage synthesizers: the Korg MS-20 and the Yamaha CS-30. Over a year in the making, densely multi-tracked and reverbed, this album elicits the sensations of sky-floating and land-walking...
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Earthview by Magic Dimension Earthview
8 tracks

Running time: 1:07:43
Released: 06/2009

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"Earthview" is, after "Sounds from outer Space" my second space-album. This time not built up as story but meant to let yourself float and dive, generated by the songs like “Lunar landing”, "no horizon" (from "The other Space-Night"-Project"), or "orbiter 039". Sounds that report from the „endless width of space“ or he „human zest for action, to elict the myteries of space“. Songs made for “Earthview” on Space Night.
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Easy Street by Paul Stokes Easy Street
12 tracks

Running time: 0:54:04
Released: 06/2007

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Easy Street Studio Album that will take your mind to desert islands and calm seas. With Paul Stokes exploration of Space themes tracks included as he usually does so well there is plenty to appeal. ‘Neutrino' is an Epic track that explores the idea of moving from one place to another-you can image craft or particles on their journey within their own particular Universe.
‘Jazz Lounge’-try taking a cappuccino over this one?-It's a journey back in time! With variety on this album there is something for everyone……

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EC12 by Ian Boddy & Erik Wøllo EC12
12 tracks

Running time: 1:18:55
Released: 04/2014

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Ian Boddy & Erik Wøllo first worked together on the Frontiers album (DiN39) released in 2012 as a limited edition CD. This musical travelogue through imaginary northern landscapes garnered high praise for it’s shifting moods and panoramic soundscapes.

The duo were invited to play their inaugural concert at the Electronic Circus Festival V held in Guetersloh, Germany in the autumn of 2012. The organisers requested that Boddy & Wøllo performed as much of the Frontiers album as possible and indeed tracks 4 to 12 are taken from that release albeit interpreted for a live concert setting. A further 30 minutes of...
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