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Earthbeats by Faber Earthbeats
12 tracks

Running time: 1:05:57
Released: 05/2016

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Fabers Idee von „Earthbeats“ war es, einmal aus dem Genre klassische „EM“ auszubrechen. Die 12 Songs auf Earthbeat bedienen sich der Klänge unseres Planeten Erde. Asiatisch, Amerikanisch, Orientalisch, Europäisch. Alles hat seinen Platz auf diesem Album. Trotzdem bleibt Faber seinem Sound und seinen ganz eigenen Melodielinien treu und zeigt uns auf interessant-musikalische Weise seinen ganz eigenen Blick auf unseren Heimatplaneten Erde.
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Elements by Wellenfeld Elements
11 tracks

Running time: 1:11:35
Released: 10/2015

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Where the last album „Pandemie“ was dominated by powerful orchestral sounds, Wellenfeld returned with their latest work "Elements" back to their roots. Synthetic sounds definitely set the tone. The well-known, pleasant melancholy in their melodies combined with the typical monotone sequences has become the hallmark of Wellenfeld within the past 10 years. This includes also technoid spots with apocalyptic character. And that is exactly what makes "Elements" unique. Easily drifting beats and extra portion of bass are not necessarily new for Wellenfeld, but on "Elements" even more significant. Quick flashbacks to songs of past albums are probably not a coincidence,...
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Emanations by Kösmonaut Emanations
5 tracks

Running time: 0:46:35
Released: 09/2011

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"Emanations" is Kösmonaut's third sonic endeavor, this time focusing on Plotinus's theory of Emanationism, where the Universe was created by Oneness, which resulted in the genesis of Monad, which further generated the human Dyad ever-present within the soul. At times very intense, with a constant barrage of spacey sequencers and cosmic ambiance, and others extremely dark, with determined syncopated echoes and terrifying drums beats that are reminiscent of cosmic bestial hypnotic hymns, Emanations is a narrative about the evolution of the human primordial Gnosis.
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