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Travelling without moving! It all happens in your mind and in an undefined deep area of your belly. Lounasan seeks out for cosmic trips into music.

Being fascinated with electronical music since childhood, Lounasan never ceased to make music. A long evolution opened up the way to a very emotional approach, which has been described as filmic. Enthousiastic fellow dreamers are fond of the ambient soundscapes and the more sequence-based songs that emerge.
It's like working on a puzzle, where you never now when the last piece will be placed.
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C-O-L-O-U-R-S was founded by Jovica Storer, later joined by Lounasan. This label focusses on electronic music in all its different senses and directions. We put the concept of mind travelling quite on top of our list. Cosmic music alternated with exploration, looking for colissions of sounds, experience soundscapes, we are all in that.

Our artists are active in ambient, sequencing, experimental artwork, dance music and drones. We offer a healthy mix of electronic styles and are very happy to share our music with you!
Music is only released when we feel that it is ready, not when the market expects it to be fit.

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