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I Wish I Made This Music Every Day by Lounasan I Wish I Made This Music Every Day
8 tracks

Running time: 1:15:18
Released: 05/2011

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On this album Lounasan dives very deep into eternal landscapes. It's a pure ambient album that takes you on a voyage, like a long everylasting train ride through empty and vast landscapes that seem to move on and on forever and ever. The muscial creation has been done over quite some time but the final input came from a long train ride to the artic circle in winter time. There, time seems to stop and live is very different. Temperature is low, the landscapes are vast and monotonous, silent and impressive. Cold and warm are both present on this musical...
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Travelling without moving! It all happens in your mind and in an undefined deep area of your belly. Lounasan seeks out for cosmic trips into music.

Being fascinated with electronical music since childhood, Lounasan never ceased to make music. A long evolution opened up the way to a very emotional approach, which has been described as filmic. Enthousiastic fellow dreamers are fond of the ambient soundscapes and the more sequence-based songs that emerge.
It's like working on a puzzle, where you never now when the last piece will be placed.

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