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Ion Ion

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Ion is an electronic music band based in the North East of England.

The band was founded in 2007 by David J. Hughes and Jules C, and they compose and perform a style of electronic music that is rich, melodic, intelligent and, above all, highly user-friendly.

Ion's debut album, Future Forever was released in April 2007 though faced with luke-warm reviews and a less than enthusiastic reception from the Cultural Stalinists still at work in the UK scene, the album was in real danger of sinking without a trace. However, a chance encounter with US based distributor Magnatune gave the project...
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Skin Mechanix Skin Mechanix

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SkInMeChaNIx began life in August 1999 as a short lived but prolific collaboration between T-Bass UK's Dave Hughes and avant-garde sound experimentalist, Skin.

The objective was to get back to basics, to reclaim some of the joy of creating original music and to work with some new and previously untried techniques. The end product, we feel, was something very special indeed - dance rhythms fused with throbbing retro sequences and fiery electronic soundscapes, strong melodies and challenging arrangements, all welded together to form a magical melange and occupying a territory which was perhaps unique in the UK synth music scene.

Sadly, the...
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Thinking Metal was originally formed in 1995 as Thinking Metal Productions and its primary focus was as an outlet for the musical ambitions of writer, instrument designer and composer David J. Hughes.

The company released 2 discs on the original Thinking Metal label, The Infection of Time and Connexion, both by T-Bass UK.

Thinking Metal Productions ceased all activities following the disasterous Alfa Centauri concert in Holland in April 1999 ("The wrong band playing the wrong kind of music to the wrong audience..."). However, the label was successfully resurrected again in 2006 as Thinking Metal Music.

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