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Bit Pixel Bit Pixel

1 album available

Pure synth pop Prozac.
If you ever liked The Pet Shop Boys, Human League, Depeche Mode, Howard Jones, O.M.D, Celebrate The Nun and Erasure, you will love Bit Pixel.

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Parallel Sun Parallel Sun

1 album available

Parallel Sun aim to seek the magic that happens in the gap between intention and serendipity, letting the life of the music breath and guiding it to take its own form rather than sterilize it by reckless airbrushing.
Melody is the primary force that drives the music of Parallel Sun and this is layered against dreamlike soundscape journeys which are propelled by perpetual rhythms and ever shifting harmony.

Parallel Sun promise you perfection from imperfection, lucid dreams from mysterious places and most of all melody from the heart of our being.
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The Glimmer Room The Glimmer Room

7 albums available

On self imposed exile to the wild's of North Essex, The Glimmer Room continue to walk their own path. Evoking a rose tinted view of a long lost England where ever they tread. With music that feels like an old black and white film basking in the idyllic attitudes and the soft tones of a time long gone.

Get the Introduction album free at http://theglimmerroom.com

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The Jupiter 8 The Jupiter 8

2 albums available

The Jupiter 8 story so far

The first real synthesizer a ever touched was a Roland Jupiter 8, I can't quite remember when it was, probably sometime between 81 and 83. My friend whose house I was in at the time was in a fortunate position to have a Dad who worked for Roland, and so Roland things would appear in his house and then without warning disappear again.

But I did not go to see his Jupiter 8, I went to play with his Atari 800 computer which at the time had some of the best video games around (particularly Defender)....
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The Long Light The Long Light

1 album available

New ambient project by Andy Condon of The Glimmer Room
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A-Frame Media is dead :(

Long live Silent Rookery :)

The new home of The Jupiter 8, The Glimmer Room and all other projects connected to Andy Condon. All titles are still available, like before. To be honest I could not work out how to change the name in the admin page!

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