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Critical Selection Critical Selection

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The Critical Selection project was established in May 2008. It consists of two persons - Maxim and Sergey. The project's motherland is Moscow, Russia. The style of the music - DarkPsy, FullPower. Used equipment is Access Virus TI.
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Various Artists Various Artists

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Various Artists: Cerebellum Withdrawal, Critical Selection, Dezkizzio, Fobi, Gloomy Phantom, Galactic System (GS), MinÓgoris, Morphic Station, Pan Gohr, StiTch, Trip_Switch
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Αρur¨αmι Records is a project founded in 2008, in Chihuahua Chih. MŔx., with the purpose of promoting the essential Darkpsy Hightech, and support the local underground, is formed by national and international artist, who share the same interest, our objective is to attract people who have the desire to listen to different music with a touch of darkness... The name Apur˙ami comes from the language Tarahumara (Tarahumaras are an indigenous people of northern MŔxico basically of the state of Chihuahua ) :: Apur˙ami means violence & violent. We refer to the violent beats that only this kind of music can offer, not wing violence or physical violence.

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